Pinched Nerve In Back Causes: Symptoms And Remedies To Treat It

The human body is made of a network of nerves which send important messages throughout the body. At times, a nerve may be pressured a bit too much by the surrounding tissues, such as cartilage, bones, muscles or tendons. This affects the normal functioning of the nerve and usually causes pain or numbness. Such a state is called pinched nerve.

Nerves can get pinched anywhere in the body including the back and may cause temporary or long lasting problem. Damage from a pinched nerve in back may be severe or mild depending on the extent of nerve compression.

If the pinch is only for a short time, it leads to no permanent damage. The nerve starts functioning normally once the pressure is relieved. However, if the pressure lasts for too long, it can lead to permanent nerve damage accompanied with severe pain.

What Causes A Pinched Nerve In Back?

A pinched nerve in back can happen when a nerve passing through the back gets compressed. Nerves at the back have to travel through certain narrow spaces. There are no soft tissues in these spaces to protect them. So, they are susceptible to compression. This may particularly happen when there are repetitive motions or when the body is held in one position for a long period, such as sleeping with bent elbows.

Pinched nerve in back may also be caused due to inflammation or pressure on a nerve root exiting the spine or when a spine disc tears or weakens.

Other possible reasons for a pinched nerve in back include injury, rheumatoid arthritis, sports activities and obesity.

Symptoms Of Pinched Nerve In Back

When a nerve in the back gets pinched, it is accompanied with some unmistakable symptoms. These include:

  • Numbness in the back.
  • Decreased sensation in the area supplied by the nerve.
  • Sharp pain in the back.
  • Mild swelling in the back.

Home Remedies To Treat A Pinched Nerve In Back

Pinched nerves in back can be cured by home remedies. One such easy to deploy remedy is to take plenty of rest and improve your posture while walking, sitting, sleeping and working. Both these approaches help to improve blood circulation to the affected nerve root in the back.

  • Applying ice pack on the area of the back can help reduce back pain considerably. Likewise a gentle massage in the affected region can be extremely beneficial.
  • Pinched nerve in the back can also be cured by applying a paste of cinnamon powder and honey in the back. This can be very effective as the paste can absorb the pain associated with the pinched nerve in back.
  • Another equally effective home remedy for pinched nerve in the back is applying some warm mustard oil and following it up with a gentle massage. This helps in relaxing and loosening the nerves. Olive oil is also well-known for its therapeutic power.
  • Regular and light exercises such as brisk walk and jogging are a must for patients suffering from this affliction.
  • It is also essential to maintain a healthy and balanced diet packed with essential vitamins and minerals which can speed up the healing process of a pinched nerve in back.

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