Causes Of Itchy Lips: Home Remedies For Itching And Burning Lips

Itchy lips is not a serious medical condition, however it is associated with symptoms that cause general discomfort. There are a host of factors that are responsible for itchy lip problem. It is important to identify the appropriate cause of itchy lips in order to ensure appropriate treatment of the condition.

Itchy lips can also be associated with dryness and chapping of the lips, which not only is associated with slight pain and discomfort but can also be embarrassing.

What are the Causes of Itching And Burning Lips?

Some of the common factors responsible for causing itching and burning of the lips include:

  • Climatic change from hot weather to cold weather conditions is considered to cause sudden dryness of the skin and the lips which contributes to severe itching and irritation.
  • Some people, sensitive and allergic to cosmetics and lipsticks, may also complain of itchy lips.
  • Vitamin deficiency, especially deficiency of vitamin A and vitamin B complex, is associated with symptoms of itchy lips.
  • Certain medications or chronic ailments like Diabetes are often associated with complaints of itchy lips.
  • In certain cases, undue exposure to sunlight or allergy to a food item may also manifest in the form of itchy lips.

Symptoms Associated With Itchy Lips

Itchy lips may often be associated with a host of other symptoms that can be helpful in identifying the cause and determining the subsequent treatment regimen. The other symptoms associated with itchy lips include:

  • Swelling and burning of the lips: This symptom is often observed in association with an allergic reaction in response to a cosmetic or a food item. It is recommended that this allergen be avoided at all times.
  • Dryness and Cracking of the lips: Dryness is often observed especially in cases of sudden weather or climatic changes. Dryness and cracking of lips can be treated by local application of moisturizers or gels.
  • Patches of redness on the lips: Often patches of redness on the lips are indicative of an infection and often observed in cases of individuals suffering from chronic ailments like diabetes or nutritional deficiencies.
    These patches of redness my often bleed on scratching.

Home Remedies For Dry Itchy Lips

There are some lifestyle modification tips and certain home remedies that can be beneficial in the treatment of itchy lips.

  • In case your skin is allergic to certain cosmetic products, avoid them at all times. Look for alternatives or consult your dermatologist for suggestions.
  • Avoid smoking and limit the intake of caffeine. Both nicotine and caffeine result in dryness of the lips which in turn can cause the lips to become itchy.
  • Local application of Aloe Vera Gel is considered beneficial. Alternatively, apply a blend of raw honey with almond oil. Almond oil keeps the lips moist, while honey has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which prevent infections and also reduce itchy sensation. Application of petroleum jelly is also considered beneficial in keep the skin moist and prevents it from drying.
  • Increase the intake of fresh fruits and natural fruit juices. Fruits are loaded with Vitamins and Minerals, deficiency of which can lead to itchy lips.
  • Reduce exposure to sunlight. Always apply SPF cream before going out in the sun. Alternatively, apply fresh milk cream on the lips and skin after returning from outdoors.

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