Symptoms Of Ice Pick Headache: Causes And How To Get Rid Of It?

Ice pick headache is an intense headache around the eye socket. The affliction usually lasts from 3 seconds to 30 seconds and then disappears altogether. Though this type of headache isn’t life threatening, it makes a person go through a very excruciating and traumatic experience.

The disease gets its name from the experience that patients go through i.e. like ice pick driven into the temple. This affliction can pose a threat only if they happen at the wrong time; say when you are driving a car. They can occur once every few days or in extreme cases a few times a day.

In not so severe cases, the gap between two attacks may be months.

Ice pick headache is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Sudden sharp pains on one side of the head.
  • The pain areas can vary on different areas of the head.
  • Pain may extend spreading across a wider area.
  • Duration is short (5 to 30 seconds).
  • The pain appears all of a sudden with no warnings.
  • The pain vanishes immediately.
  • The bout of attacks can be frequent or not so frequent.

What Causes Ice Pick Headaches?

The reason behind this sudden pain in the head is not yet clearly known. However, researchers believe that ice pick headache is a primary health issue and could be possible fallout to another “primary” condition occurring within the head. One such cause might be migraine.

People with a history of migraine are likely to be afflicted with this disease than healthy individuals. In fact, surveys have revealed that 40% of those suffering with ice pick headaches have had a history of migraine headache. But it certainly does not appear to be created by fatigue, exertion or a particular activity.

Likewise, ice pick headache is not accompanied by other headache symptoms like eyes watering, nausea, intense light or visual disturbances.

Some studies have linked the disease to cranial lesions, cranial trauma, herpes, or even blood vessel disease.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of An Ice Pick Headache

It is challenge to treat this pain because it is very short lived in nature. Ice pick headaches vanish before the medication gets time to deliver any relief. However, patients suffering from this disease need to take rest quietly for an hour or so. They need adequate rest and should avoid subjecting themselves to stress of any kind.

  • Stress relieving techniques can be hugely beneficial. These techniques have no side effects and can help to decrease the frequency of headache. Some well-known techniques include yoga bio-feedback, or meditation.
  • Many people have benefited by using yellow mustard as a medication. It delivers a burning sensation which is reported to stop the stabbing pain immediately. Once the pain subsides, you can wash away the solidified mustard.
  • Some people have even benefited by applying green chilies on their forehead. If the attack gets too frequent, it’s time for you to consult a physician.

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