What Is Hysteria Disease? Symptoms And Home Remedies For Hysteria

Hysteria is a mental disorder which arises out of severe anxiety, fear, frustration and other emotions. In this disease, the person loses control on his feelings and behaves in an extravagant and socially embarrassing manner. Sometime it results in act of seizures and unconsciousness as a result of emotional outburst.

Most often the reason behind it is suppression of thoughts and feelings of the person. This mental condition is more common in women though it also occurs in males. Especially young women are more hysterical. It is often blamed for their frequent hormonal changes.

Environment plays a great moment not only in producing the hysterical type of personality, but also provides those situations which trigger the development of hysterical symptoms. Let us know what hysterical symptoms are. When a person is about to get hysterical fit, it is necessary for people around him or her not to get panicked. Instead they should maintain calmness.

Symptoms Of Hysteria Disease

A person who suffers from hysteria is generally normal, but when he comes across some triggering factors, it can result in wild emotional outbursts. Most of these factors are at emotional and mental level. For example a lady may have a bout of hysterical fit on hearing death of loved one. A man may behave hysterically on hearing business loss. There are numerous stimuli which can be said to precipitate hysteria and in the same way there are wide varieties of symptoms.

Heaviness in legs, pain in abdomen, cramps, finding difficult to breath, feeling of constriction in chest, palpitations, feeling of foreign body in the throat, swelling of neck veins, clenching of teeth, feeling suffocated, headache, voluntarily making tense the muscles of legs and hands are few of the symptoms that one may come across in a hysterical patient.

Tremors, tics, explosive utterance and cries, spasm of eye muscles and leg muscles, abnormal gait and fits are other additional symptoms which may be noted in severe case. Fit may vary from simple falling to the ground as in syncope, to a bizarre attack with wild movements of arms and legs.

Hysterical fits can be distinguished from real epileptic attacks by absence of pallor and cyanosis, spam and movement of limbs increases when restraint is applied. Patient never passes urine or stool during the occurrence of fit in hysteria while in real epileptic attacks patient may have incontinence.

The individual may appear emotionally immature, attention seeking, and child like. Complaining of sudden blackouts, inability to speak etc are some other symptoms of hysteria.

Home Remedies For Hysteria Disease

There are several some remedies for treating hysteria:

  • Asafetida is one of the time tested home remedy for hysteria. As soon as the patient presents with a hysterical attack, smelling of asafetida gum relaxes the person. It controls his emotional outburst.
  • Indian gooseberry and lettuce juice when given to the hysterical patient daily in the morning is found to be effective in reducing the attacks.
  • The herb rauwolfia is also beneficial for controlling and reducing hysteria. Rauwolfia root should be finely powdered. Add one gram of this powder into one glass of warm milk. Mix it well and drink it two times in a day. This mixture deals with stress and anxiety very efficiently which are supposed to the precipitating cause for hysteria.
  • Applying the pulp of bottle gourd to the forehead also brings relief in people suffering from hysteria. The person should apply it daily on his forehead. Bottle gourd calms and soothes the person.
  • Taking one teaspoon of honey is also beneficial for hysterical persons.
  • The juice of black berry early in the morning is not only beneficial in bringing down the glucose level, but it is also useful for people suffering from hysteria.

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