What Causes Fat Lips: Home Remedies For Swollen Lips Treatment

Having fat lips has become a latest beauty trend among many women. In certain races, the volume of lip is naturally thick and prominent, while in other races it can be thin and retracted. A full fresh prominent mouth may be natural invitation for a kiss, but what we are discussing here all about is not pertaining to the fuller lips as an object of beauty, but precisely a diseased state that gives rise to fat lip. It may be clearer if we address it as swollen lips or inflamed lips.

Your lips can become fat and swollen suddenly or gradually. It may be an annoying situation, when you find your lips are inflamed. There are several causes for a swollen lip that can range as minor as a mosquito bite to a serious allergic reaction after taking certain drug.

Either one or both the lips can become fat or swollen depending on the underlying cause. In many cases, together with swelling, there may be associated symptoms such as itching and burning of lips. Pain and tenderness of lips are other distressing symptoms that can make eating and talking difficult.

Depending on the cause, your fat lip may take few hours to few days for complete recovery. Let us know the causes that can give rise to fat lips.

What Are The Causes Of Fat Lips?

  • Trauma: a sudden punch or a blow on the face or on lips is the commonest cause for your lips to turn fat and inflamed. Accident major or minor hurting your face can cause fat lips.
  • Insect bite: the next common reason is mosquito bite around the lip or on the lip. An ant bite on the lip can also cause itching and burning together with swollen lip.
  • Dental surgery: dental or any surgical procedure in and around the mouth.
  • Lip surgery: it is obvious cause for the lips to become enlarged and swollen.
  • Infection: a boil or an abscess around the lip can give rise to fat lip. Mostly it is bacterial infection. All the signs of inflammation such as redness, warmth, pain and swelling of lip are present. Swelling gradually reduces, once the boil begins to heal.
  • Allergic reaction: various things can cause allergy, such as food allergy, insect bite allergy, drug allergy, cosmetic products allergy, lipstick allergy etc. The lip can become fat instantly or after few hours if the cause is allergy. There may be associated symptoms such as watering of eyes, swelling of eyes, generalized itching, hoarseness of voice, difficulty in swallowing etc.
  • Systemic diseases: Organ failure can give rise to gradual onset of swelling on the lips as well as on the face. Both the lips are swollen. There may be other signs and symptoms of the disease, together with fat lips.
  • Pregnancy: some times, in pregnancy there is retention of fluid and in such cases, it can give rise to fat lip condition together with swelling in lower limbs and face.

Home Remedies To Treat Fat Lips Or Swollen Lips

Since in most cases a fat lip is the symptom of the cause, it immediately or gradually recedes back to normal once the cause is treated or addressed. The best way is to consult your doctor when you are not able to find the cause. In the meantime, you can try some home treatment to reduce the swelling on your lips.

  • If the swelling is due to a blow or an accident, promptly apply ice cubes packed in a clean towel on the injured lip. It will assist in reducing the swelling. Do this for ten to fifteen minutes for first two to three hours. Gradually reduce applying cold compresses after few hours.
  • If trauma is the cause, homeopathic medicine Arnica is very effective in reducing the swelling of the lip.
  • When the cause is insect bite, besides applying cold compresses, you can also take over the counter antihistamines. However, before taking it, you should always consult your doctor.
  • Eat pineapple and papaya; both are known to contain substances that help in reducing pain and swelling in a natural way. Eating this fruits will boost the healing process.
  • Antibiotics may be helpful if there is a boil detected around the lip which is responsible for fat lip.

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