Clogged Ear Symptoms: What Are Its Causes And Home Remedies?

Clogged ears are a common complaint which affects several individuals. Clogged ears can be a sign of problem in the ear canal, though not always indicative of a serious medical condition. There are a host of factors that are responsible for clogging of the ears which range from mere buildup of earwax or infection to rupture of the eardrum.

Clogged ears or plugged ears are associated with symptoms like severe ear pain. There are a host of treatment options which can help manage the condition promptly at home. However, for severe symptoms like loss of hearing, it is always recommended to consult an ENT specialist, before trying home remedies.

Clogged ears are associated with a typical sensation of fullness in the ears which may or may not be associated with pain. Clogged or plugged ears can be very distressing condition and can be very nagging and interfere with the ability of the person to concentrate on his/her work.

Causes Of Clogged Ears

Here are some of the common causes for clogging of the ears,

  • Bacterial infection in the outer canal of the ear is the common cause for clogging. This condition is also referred to as the swimmer’s ear since it is frequently observed among swimmers.
  • Excessive accumulation of earwax can also lead to clogging of the ear. The condition can be fairly distressing, however removal of earwax help alleviate the symptoms
  • Clogging of ears is also observed in frequent air travelers or deep divers. The change in atmospheric pressure can lead to clogging of ears.
  • Sinusitis is another common cause for clogging of the ears.
  • Foreign body getting entrapped in the ear canal can also lead to clogging of the ears.

Home Remedies For Clogged Ears

There are a host of home remedies that can be useful in treating clogging of the ears.

One should remember not to use home remedies when the cause of clogging of the ear is associated with damage to the eardrum or middle ear.

  • There is a simple maneuvers that can help in unclogging the ears, however this technique should not be attempted unless the cause the clearly understood. Take a deep breath and pinch your nose and keep your mouth shut. Now gradually try to push air into the mouth and the nose (while keeping both of them closed). You will notice that some bit of air will travel through the Eustachian tube and unclog the ear. Don’t put too much pressure or it can damage the ear drum. This technique should be used only when clogging of the ear is associated either with sinusitis or air travel.
  • Pour a couple of drops of warm olive oil into the ear canal, especially if the clogging is associated with excessive buildup of wax. Olive oil helps soften the wax and allows the wax to be removed easily.
  • Application of a few drops of tea tree oil, especially when clogging is associated with bacterial infection of the outer ear, is very effective. It is a strong anti-microbial, and helps to fight the bacterial infection.
  • In case of foreign body, don’t try to remove it on your own. A specialist is required to remove a foreign body without damaging the ear.

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