Treatment For Second Degree Burn Blisters On Fingers And Hand

Burn blisters can result from exposure to fire, steam or hot liquids. It can also result from radiation, friction, extreme exposure to sunlight. Blisters from chemical and electrical burns are common in industries. In case of burn injuries, before giving the first aid and treatment, it is important to evaluate the extent of damage to the skin and underlying tissues.

Burns can be 1st degree, where only the outer layer (epidermis) of the skin is affected. 2nd degree burn involves the epidermis, and partial involvement of the second layer of the skin, called the ‘dermis’ together with the blood vessels.

Blisters usually result when there is 2nd degree burns. 3rd degree burns are more severe and serious. There is extensive damage to muscles and tissues and the burnt area gets charred in 3rd degree burns.

Natural Treatment For Second Degree Burn Blisters

Burn blisters appears as fluid filled bubbles of the skin. The size of blisters may range from pinhead to a marble. There may be clusters of blisters on the burnt skin surface. Blisters are usually filled with clear fluid. But occasionally they are filled with pus, this means there is infection.

  • Primarily the first step in any burn and scald injury is to cool down your skin. This will reduce the chances of blister formation as well as relieve the pain.
  • Immediately after a burn injury, immerse the part involved under the flowing tap water, or pour plain water over the burnt area. You can also sponge the area with tap water, for this take a clean piece of cloth or a tissue paper. There is a word of caution, never ever apply ice cubes to the burnt area, it will do more harm to the skin than any good.
  • Once your pain is relieved, you can apply a loose piece of sterilized gauze over the blisters if they have formed. This will prevent dirt and dust from settling on the delicate skin. Further it will help to prevent infection.
  • Try not to break the blisters; if at all the drainage is needed, it may be done later on by your physician under total aseptic care. Usually, blisters may get absorbed of its own after sometime if they are small. However, larger blisters may require to be drained.
  • Applying time tested home remedy aloe vera helps to prevent formation of large blisters. Simply cut a leaf of aloe vera and apply the gel on the blisters. If the leaf is not available, you can apply aloe vera gel available in pharmacies.
  • Raw potato: apply raw potato after removing its skin on the burnt area. It will help to relieve the pain and reduce the chances of blisters. If at all, they may be smaller in size.

Burn Blisters On Fingers And Hand

Burn blisters on fingers and hands is very common, especially in housewives while they are working in kitchen.

  • If you suffer from burn blisters on your fingers and hands, put your hand or finger under the running tap water.
  • Let the water flow for 10 to 15 minutes until the pain alleviates. However do not apply ice water or ice cubes. Once the pain is less apply aloe vera gel. Apply it regularly till the blisters dry out.
  • If the blister has burst, do not peel the skin, it acts as a natural cover and protects the underlying surface from dirt and dust.
  • As the fluid has drained from the burst blister, apply a small piece of sterile gauze with aloe vera gel.

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