What Causes Bumps On Scalp? Home Remedies For Painful Bumps

Painful and red bumps may appear on the scalp due to several different reasons. Skin infection or hair follicle inflammation is considered to be the most common causes. The treatment of bumps of the scalp often depends upon the underlying cause and may vary from condition to condition. Most causes of red bumps on the scalp can be treated naturally and don’t require an urgent medical attention. This article provides relevant information about bumps on the scalp and treatment options for management of the condition at home.

There are several different causes for bumps on the scalp.

Some of the common causes include the following,

  • Tinea Capitis: Tinea is a fungal infection which can affect any part of the body. It is referred to as tinea capitis, when the mold like fungi affects the skin of the scalp. This condition may lead to severe itching, redness and bumps on the scalp. While the skin infection can be easily controlled with anti-fungal treatment, it is associated with high risk of spread to other parts of the body.
  • Folliculitis: This condition is characterized by inflammation of the hair follicle, due to damage or obstruction of the hair follicle. This condition can lead to scarring of the scalp tissue and prevent growth of new hair. Folliculitis is caused by a bacterial infection- often a Staphylococcus infection.
  • Psoriasis: Another common cause for red bumps on the scalp, psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder. This condition is characterized by itching, irritation and scaling of the skin.
  • Lice Infestation: Lice are parasites that live and grow on the scalp and lay their eggs at the base of the hair shaft. The condition is associated with severe itching and formation of red bumps on the scalp.

Painful Bumps On Scalp

The bumps on the scalp are usually painful.

This is attributed to the lack of fascia below the skin of the scalp. Bumps, pimple or acne on any other part of the skin is less painful, since the fascia below the skin allows the lesion to stretch. However in the scalp, due to lack of the fascia, slightest stretch on the skin can be associated with severe pain.

Most of the causes mentioned above are also associated with severe itching, which is attributed to inflammation of the skin of the scalp.

Home Remedies For Bumps On Scalp

There are several natural and home based treatment that can prove beneficial in the management of painful bumps on the scalp. Some of these treatment options include the following,

  • Ensure utmost scalp hygiene. Wash your hair regularly. Use natural conditioners and shampoos, which can help deal with allergic reactions or skin sensitivities.
  • An oil massage is considered to be very helpful. A scalp massage with coconut oil helps trigger blood flow and prevents conditions like scalp acne or scalp folliculitis from developing. Ensure you oil your hair regularly and wash it within an hour of application with Luke-warm water.
  • Local application of tea tree oil is beneficial in management of hair lice, folliculitis and fungal infections.
  • Ensure that your diet comprises of fresh fruits and vegetables which are loaded with vitamins and minerals that promote hair growth and provide a healthy scalp skin. Vitamin A, E and C are very vital nutrients to treat bumps on the scalp.

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