Bump Inside The Nostril Treatment: Painful Lump In Nose Causes

While it is common for a bump to appear anywhere on the face, frequently it is seen to develop inside the nostril. A bump or a pimple or a boil as it is commonly referred can be a cause of worry, especially when it is present in your nose. Bump inside the nostril is not embarrassing cosmetically as it is on the face; however it can cause lot of pain and distress for the person suffering from it. For this reason you need a better understanding with regards to its causative factors so that you can prevent it from occurring in first place, and treat the bump as soon as the symptoms and signs appear.

A bump or pimple in the nose is usually caused due to folliculitis. It is an infection at the root of your hairs, and the causative organism is bacteria. Staphylococcus bacteria are the common organism to cause bump inside the nose.  However, many other bacteria present inside the nose and the mucus membrane can also cause bumps.

A bump in the nostril requires an early medical or surgical intervention. This is because of probable complication, cavernous sinus thrombosis a relatively fatal condition. The veins of the nose and brain are interlinked; any nasal infection can spread to the brain through these veins.

Causes And Symptoms Of Lump In The Nose

Following are few triggering factors for a bump to develop inside the nostril.

  • Repeated nose picking can damage the hair follicle in the nose. The bacteria present in the nose gets a chance to enter the nasal tissue through the damaged follicle and multiply.
  • Squeezing of the bump can aggravate the condition and the infection can spread to the deeper layer inside the nose.
  • Blowing nose too often.
  • Recurrent episodes of bumps inside the nostril are often observed in people suffering from diabetes, people with low immunity and obese individuals.

Symptoms of bumps inside the nostril:

There is slight pain and swelling in the beginning. After 2 or 3 days, the size of the pimple inside the nostril increases. The nose becomes swollen and tender to touch. There is pulsating and throbbing pain inside the nose which makes the patient restless. The bump inside the nose becomes red and inflamed. You can see a hot and fiery nose many times when a bump is present inside the nose. Fever, generalized weakness, malaise are associated symptoms noted with severity of infection. Many times people complain of headache.

Treatment Of Painful Bumps Inside Nostril

Treatment and home remedies for bump or boils in the nostril.

Most of the time, bumps in the nose heal within few days if they are small. However, pain and inconvenience will prevail for a longer period if you wait. Some the home remedies are effective in relieving the symptoms of pain and swelling in conjunction with antibiotics that are prescribed by your doctor.

  • Fomentation with warm water on the outer side of the nostril two to three times in a day will help the bump to ripe and recede fast.
  • Applying juice of onion to the bump in the nostril will hasten it to ripe and drain few days early.
  • Another important home remedy is mixing one or two teaspoon of lime juice in a glassful of bitter gourd juice and drink the juice for few days. It is effective if you drink it on empty stomach as soon as you get up in the morning.
  • If the size of the bump (boil) increases in size even after taking antibiotics and home remedies, your doctor may advise surgical incision and drainage.


  1. Ryan

    The bump inside my nose is about nickel size and is inflamed like an angry red color, but I am feeling no pain. Should I consult a doctor or wait to see if it clears up in a few days? I just noticed the lump this morning.

  2. Janet

    My left nose has a white sore in it. It is very painful to try to pull white off of it. This is not my first time getting one and I feel since I don’t know what it is it will return again. I get it several times in a year and it is there for months. It usually is real hard but not flaky. When I try to get it off it waters my eyes and then I notice it is moist and white. It is a kind that reminds me of a blister but it is whiter. I pull hairs out of nose at that area with tweezers but it won’t go away. I don’t get it in other nostril and it is in same area every time. My blood count is usually low as to anemia and potassium and my body lacks Vitamin B12.
    Please help me with this issue as how can I prevent this from recurring? It is so embarrassing that people thing I am picking my nose. I am really rubbing and trying to open it so it will go away.

  3. Pricy

    I have a very painful yet small bump on the inside of my nose. I often blow my nose several times a day. I am a smoker which I believe is the cause of my running nose. Please suggest some remedy (I am trying to reduce smoking).

  4. YS

    I have a bump inside my nose. If I just keep putting some hot water on the outside, will that make it go away or should I call my doctor? I have an appointment little over a week away. What should I do till then

  5. BR

    I had the same symptoms, my head was aching and it became so tender that I could not even touch my cheeks or smile. My teeth were even paining because of the bump in my nose. Everyday I just squeezed it until white puss came out followed by blood. I continued to do it until I got it all out. After three days there was no Pain.

  6. Jas

    I have had a small bump or boil on each nostril at the top of the nose. It hurts a lot when I touch it and also when it is stretched for any reason. Can you tell me is that a polyp? Please suggest me some remedy.

  7. NR

    I get these bumps inside my nose sometimes, especially when my allergies are flaring up and I am blowing my nose a lot. It is not that big a deal as this makes it seem. It goes away on its own without taking any treatment

  8. Rust

    I found a bump on the inside of my nose towards the back at the bottom. It hurts so bad it is giving me headache and tooth ache. This has been going on for two weeks now, and now with the holidays I can’t make an appointment. Please help, can’t take it anymore.

  9. Mary

    I been having a sore like one inch deep inside my nose for years and I do pick it often because it scabs up every time. When I take our the scabbing it hurts so much and it bleeds. So I stopped and now is full of scabs and it hurts very much.
    I inserted a Q-tip to try to feel what it is and it feels like a big bump, hard and quarter of an inch long . I do excess picking of my nose because I always feel I have boogers and it really hurts. It has gotten worse over the years. I never gone to the doctor for this matter but now I have to because it will hurt all the way to my eyes and forehead.

  10. Ana

    Hi Mary, Have you seen the doctor regarding your nose problem? I am so curious to know about what he advised. I am also having the same problem for the last few months now.Take care and thanks.

  11. Moni

    I woke up in the middle of the night and feeling something inside my nose and I found this bump about dime size. Three months ago I was getting pain inside my nose like a very sharp sensation. I disregarded it as sinus problems. Hair inside my nose have fallen out in the last 6 months. Can anyone tell what can be the problem and suggest some remedy.

  12. Lily

    I got a hit me on the face and now I have a big bump inside my nostril. As such it doesn’t hurt or anything, but I was thinking of cutting it out by my self but I read here that it can be dangerous. Can you suggest me some other remedies because this bump has made me lose my self-esteem.

  13. GN

    I also had the same painful red bump inside the nostril. It put a few drops of warm water on a Qtip three times a day and a small amount of antiseptic cream inside the nostril. Hope it helps in your case also.

  14. Joe

    I have a small bump in side my left nostril. At first there was no pain but it looks as if I was about to have catarrh but later the noise appears heavy. I have tried steaming but it will move to the right nose and after 2 days return to the left. What should I do?

  15. Erin

    I got a bump in my inner left nostril last night. It is very painful and swollen and I just want to get rid of it. Suggest me a simple way.

  16. Jene

    I recently noticed that I have two small bumps inside my left nostril right on the bone. I am not sure what they are and if I should be worried. They are white in color. Kindly suggest me some home remedy.

  17. cathy

    I had a cold and blew my nose a lot. At first I had one bump but when I woke up the next day I had a lot more inside of my nose as well as the outside. I thought they were cold sores and went to the hospital where they had to do a sweep biopsy. I still have not got the results but I was put on two type of antibiotics.
    It is healing slowly now but my skin under my nose is off like it has been scraped and unless I put cortisone on it, it hurts and becomes dry. It was very scary for me as I never had a rash or heat bumps or whatever it is. I am even more scared as doctors have never seen something like this. The nurse told me that maybe it is a bacterial infection because it has spread so fast. Anyone with a problem like this?

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