What Causes Brown Urine: Home Remedies For Dark Yellow Urine

For a physician, urine is a diagnostic tool for many diseases, while for an ordinary human urine is just an excretory waste discharged from the body. Urine played an important role even in ancient medical science. Perhaps next to the study of pulse, it is the second oldest medical tool which people used for clinical observation and differentiating diseases.

Urine is produced by the kidneys. The two kidneys act as a filter for removing body waste after metabolic process is over. Elimination of this waste is necessary, because buildup of waste can lead to toxicity and poisoning of the body.

Normally the urine is transparent just like water or slightly pale, but occasionally you may observe change in color of urine such as brown urine or red urine or dark yellow urine. This change can be either due to concentrated urine or due to the substances present in urine, or as a result of urinary tract problems. Let us know the reasons for urine to appear brown.

What Are The Causes Of Dark Brown Urine?

Urine that is highly concentrated may appear brown in color. This means there is less of water to dissolve the excreted salts. You often observe this when you drink less water. Dark brown urine can also occur when a person is dehydrated. Dehydration is a condition where there is loss of fluids and electrolytes (salts) from the body, at times it can be life threatening.

Your kidneys try to retain fluid when there is dehydration, and in doing this the urine becomes concentrated and appears brown or dark yellow. So if your urine is diluted, the color is pale yellow or transparent white if it is concentrated it turns brown.

Sometimes dyes and pigments present in foods and beverages can turn your urine brown.

For example if you have eaten beetroot in excess, the color of urine may appear dark brown or dark yellow. Eating fava beans, blackberry etc can also turn your urine brown.

The dyes present in certain medicine are precipitated in the urine. They may change the color of urine to brown or dark yellow.

Medical Conditions And Dark Brown Urine

In absence of the above reasons, dark brown urine can be a cause of worry as it may be an indication of some underlying disease. Excretion of brown urine for a persistent period is clinically significant and should always be investigated. Certain medical conditions that can give rise to brown urine are:

  • Kidney stones, cystitis inflammation in bladder, kidney cancer, tuberculosis of kidney, urinary tract infection, injury to urinary system, prostate problem in males are some of the leading kidney causes for brown urine.
  • Liver diseases such as liver failure, hepatitis A, B, where excess of bilirubin is produced can change the color of urine to dark yellow or brown.
  • ┬áHemolytic anemia: it occurs when there is abnormal destruction of red blood cells. It may happen as a reaction of certain drugs and medicine, venomous animal bites, infection such as malaria. The destroyed red cells which are excreted in the urine changes the urine color to brown or dark brown.
  • Acute porphyria: A rare metabolic disorder has brown color urine.
  • Injury to muscles causing Rhabdomyolysis (releasing myoglobin in blood) can cause brown colored urine. This may occur after a crush injury, severe exercising, heat stroke etc.

Home Remedies For Dark Yellow Urine

Since brown urine is a sign of an underlying cause, the goal is to find the cause and treat it. The underlying reason may be a harmless condition or it may be due to a serious disease.

  • Many times judicious reasoning helps you to solve a complex looking problem. Find out whether you had consumed any food or medicine which is responsible for producing brown urine. If that is the reason, eliminate the food from the diet or change the medication after consultation with the doctor. This may change the color of urine from brown to its normal color.
  • Drink plenty of water if you are dehydrated, or if you have the habit of drinking less. Well diluted urine will become light in color.
  • When the cause is urinary tract infections, besides taking the prescribed medications by your doctor, drink enough water, coconut water, cranberry juice. These home remedies are beneficial for relieving UTI.
  • If the color of urine remains constantly brown, it needs to be evaluated further. Your doctor may advice further tests, sonogram etc to find a right diagnosis.

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