Broken Ankle Symptoms: Home Remedies To Treat Sprained Ankle

Broken ankle, which is most commonly referred as a sports injury is a severe and impairing affliction. It can happen to anyone but is a common occurrence with sports persons. Usually people hurt their ankle accidentally like the ankle getting twisted while walking on the streets or in sports when a blow is delivered to the ankle by a kick.

People of any age can get their ankle broken. However, surveys indicate that men who are in between the age of 15 years to 24 years and women, who are above the age of 30 years, have the maximum risk of suffering from a broken ankle.

Symptoms Of A Broken Ankle

Broken ankle may occur due to a variety of causes. Yet, in most of the cases, it occurs due to rotating or twisting of ankle. Falling or tripping is also another cause leading to broken ankle symptoms. Rolling of ankle and in some cases after effects of a vehicle accident may also lead to broken ankle. Though the causes are various, the symptoms are quite similar. Some of the common broken ankle symptoms include:

  • Severe pain and swelling: Broken ankle is accompanied with a severe pain and unusual swelling in the affected area. The swelling and pain becomes unbearable in case of major injuries. If the injury is mild then the pain may aggravate with time.
  • Bruising: This is another common symptom with broken ankle and is noticeable immediately after the pain starts. Because of the bruise it becomes difficult for the affected feet to carry the body weight
  • Tender to touch: The affected area is extremely painful and tender to touch. It is precisely because of this that it becomes impossible to massage the area.
  • Deformity of the ankle: The ankle may sometimes get displaced or go out of its natural position.
    This happens when the injury is severe.

How To Take Care Of A Sprained Or Broken Ankle?

If you hurt your ankle and get to see the above mentioned symptoms, you need to consult a doctor. Broken ankle warrants immediate medical aid. However, before that you can take some measures to alleviate the pain. For instance, you can apply icepack on the affected area till any medical aid is available.

As the pain may aggravate with movement, it’s advisable not to put your body weight on the affected leg. Instead you can put it to rest by lying down and keeping the angle elevated, suspended to a tied rope. This can alleviate the pain, momentarily though.

A good home remedy is to apply warm turmeric paste to the injured ankle. Turmeric is well-known for its healing properties. Mix turmeric and an equal amount of calcium hydroxide with little water and warm it on fire. Once the paste is ready apply it hot on the afflicted portion. It may scorch the skin but helps to reduce the pain fast. This treatment again is a temporary relief and is no substitute to medical intervention.

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