How To Survive A Heart Attack When You Are Alone?

A heart attack happens when the blood flow to the heart reduces. This reduced blood flow leads to muscle damage and can even lead to complete damage to the heart muscle. A heart attack can be scary to deal if someone you know is suffering and you are not sure what to do to help. It can be that much more intimidating if you are alone and get a heart attack.

There are some basic pointers or tips you can keep in mind if you fear you might face a heart attack on your own.

  • Learn about and identify the symptoms of a potential heart attack; shortness of breath, increased pressure on the chest and radiating pain in the neck or the arm are all common symptoms of a heart attack.
  • If you have a heart history, get a gadget that not only monitors your heart but also links it to the closest hospital. Such gadgets can be crucial to get emergency help when you are unable to call for help.
  • If you are driving when you think you are getting a heart attack, pull over and call for help. Describe your symptoms to the emergency operator. Don’t try to drive to the hospital as you might lose consciousness anytime.
  • If you think you might suffer a heart attack, change your lifestyle to discourage that. Don’t smoke or drink. Eat correctly and get some light exercise.

There is one particular piece of advice that you are likely to come across if you look online for help on coping with a heart attack alone. This advice tells you to that cough CPR is the best way to tackle a heart attack alone. This information is more popular legend than actual medical advice.

Cough CPR is also known as fake resuscitating where you cough at periodic intervals to keep conscious till help arrives.

This technique is not endorsed by most doctors and often does not help. Cough CPR can help if you are having cardiac arrest where the heart stops beating completely. Cough CPR is completely ineffective for a heart attack. Most doctors also add that patients are not able to tell the difference in cardiac arrest and heart attack and may exacerbate the condition by using cough CPR for heart attacks.

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