How To Increase Blood Circulation In Legs? What Foods To Eat?

Poor circulation of blood in the limbs can lead to grave health issues, thus, it is essential that you understand the symptoms of the condition and start appropriate treatment immediately. Whether poor circulation is due to arteriosclerosis, diabetes, blood clots, or any other reason, there are simple, natural things that you can do to improve circulation.

First and foremost, you need to get a few diagnostic tests done in order to ascertain the causative factor. Your health care provider will order a few tests and investigations and also conduct a compete examination.

Based on this, he will decide the most suitable line of treatment.

Poor leg circulation has several different causes and triggers. What’s more, there are ways to boost circulation, and decrease sensations of tingling numbness and / or cold. The chief goal is to get the blood flowing freeing in the limbs.

How To Increase Leg Circulation Naturally?

  1. Wear compression socks to kindle blood circulation.
  2. Massage is decidedly beneficial; it will help relax the muscles and also stimulates circulation of blood.
  3. Exercise regularly. Short walks several times during the day are recommended to boost circulation. Keep moving as much as you can. Regular exercise facilitates weight loss, which also helps with leg circulation.
  4. Use a blanket over your legs at night for greater warmth; furthermore, place a wedge, such as, a pillow, to elevate the legs. This eases drainage and your heart doesn’t have to work hard to bring the blood back.
  5. Get your lipid profiles assessed; you need to be wary of raised levels of cholesterol. Lower cholesterol by eating right – add fiber to your diet, incorporate loads of fresh fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.

Foods That Improve Circulation In Legs

  • Dark chocolate: provides vital elements such as flavonols which enhance circulation of blood and most importantly, wards off development of blood clots that are closely linked to heart attack and stroke. However, only dark chocolate is beneficial for good circulation; what’s more, opt for organic dark chocolate having low amounts of sugar.
  • Berries and grapes: these contain heart friendly flavonoids which scavenge and destroy free radicals which attack and impair healthy cells.
  • Oranges and limes: are loaded with vitamin C, which is a powerful anti oxidant. Also, vitamin C has strengthening properties which prevents buildup of plaque within them, thereby preventing atherosclerosis.
  • Avocados: have plenty of good fats and support a healthy and optimally functioning cardiovascular system.
  • Salmon: packed with omega 3 fatty acids which are exceedingly essential to increase blood circulation within the lower extremity.
  • Flax seeds: are also chock full of omega 3 fatty acids. Roasted and ground flax seeds are recommended by all health care providers to maintain a healthy heart.
  • Cayenne pepper: enhances blood circulation, metabolic rate and also helps reinforce the blood vessels; it helps avert reduced and lowered circulation in the limbs effectively.
  • Ginger: ginger perks up the flow of blood to all organs; it also peps up a sluggish venous system and clears up congestion. Ginger is loaded with a compound called gingerols which acts as an anti inflammatory agent and battles plaque formation.
  • Garlic: increases blood circulation in feet and hands successfully and also clears up clogged arteries fighting off heart diseases.

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