Causes Of High Blood Pressure: Symptoms And Natural Remedies

High blood pressure or hypertension is a common health issue in which blood pressure stays unusually high with a 140/90 mm Hg reading or higher. Blood pressure generally does not throw any specific symptom. Therefore, it is nicknamed as ‘silent killer’. It has the ability of causing silent but fatal damage to significant body organs.

Blood pressure is evaluated by the amount of blood pumped by a heart and the sum of resistance to the blood flow in arteries. Your blood pressure reading will soar high if your heart starts pumping more than usual quantity of blood, resulting in narrowing of your arteries.

Factors which usually trigger elevated blood pressure include obesity, genetics and high cholesterol level in the body.

Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure

Usually it is believed that high blood pressure is accompanied with symptoms like sweating, nervousness, sleep disorder and blushing. But it is altogether a mistaken belief. Medical science believes that high blood pressure is a symptomless health disorder.

Some people tend to ignore their blood pressure thinking that symptoms would alert them about the onset of the problem. But, in fact, they take a dangerous chance with their life. Everybody must know his/her blood pressure reading and adopt ways to put the disease at bay.

Some medical cases, however, testify that hypertensive crisis may cause headache only when the systolic reading goes up to 180 and the diastolic reading reaches beyond 110.

What Causes High Blood Pressure?

Primary hypertension which is the commonest form of high blood pressure does not have any single direct cause. Rather, it is caused by a host of factors. Health experts assume that long term changes that take place in arteries can trigger high blood pressure.

Common changes that occur in arteries include atherosclerosis (fatty deposits inside artery walls), thickening of arterial walls and excessive contraction of arterioles or small arteries.

Some very common triggers of high blood pressure include smoking, sedentary lifestyle, excessive salt (sodium) intake, excessive alcohol consumption and stress. This disease runs in the family. So, genetics is other important cause of the disease. People who are obese are also vulnerable to high blood pressure.

Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure

People suffering from high blood pressure mostly prefer natural cure because natural remedy focuses largely on what they eat and drink and how they live.

While treating high blood pressure naturally, make sure that the diet you eat contains low sugar and low sodium. Adopting weight loss strategy is also an effective way to avert high blood pressure. People with more than usual BP reading should have four to five fruits and vegetable servings daily.

Beetroot juice, lean meat, fish with omega-3 fatty acid, seafood and egg white also work well for lowering high blood pressure. Consumption of seeds, nuts and legumes are also good for high blood pressure as they promote good cholesterol in the body.

Research proves that coconut water can significantly be used to lower high blood pressure. You can also take the help of common herbs like garlic, onion juice added with honey and curry leaves to keep your BP in check.

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