Vitmain and Healthy Diet Regime to Follow for Hair Regrowth

Modern science has achieved many successes and has helped humanity in various aspects of life, yet there is enough room left for more invention. One such challenging field that needs to be addressed is how to regrow hair.  Actually no one likes to walk around with no hair on the head. With all the possible means people try their best to combat loss of hair. But before discussing the approach, you need to understand two different scenarios, the first is hair thinning, the second and difficult to deal is baldness. If you are experiencing thinning hair mass, there is all possibility of regrowing your hairs naturally.

However with baldness setting on your scalp, there is less possibility of hair regrowth, either in a natural way or with the aid of any drug.

In majority of men hair loss and baldness is the result of male pattern baldness. It is a genetic trait that comes either from the paternal or maternal side.  Researchers do not consider it to be the only cause; they believe male pattern baldness has more to do with excess of DHT hormone in the blood. DHT is a byproduct of male hormone testosterone; it directly acts upon the hair follicle and destructs its ability to grow hairs. It stops the circulation of the blood and nutrients to the hair root. The result is, the follicles become dead and stop functioning. If a person wants to grow hair, he has to start the treatment before the hair follicle completely ceases to function.

If you detect the cause of hair loss in its early stage, it is possible to reverse the condition and regrow the hairs, either with correct medication, lifestyle and dietary changes, vitamins supplementation, and natural herbs and remedies.

Vitamins to regrow hair: significant hair loss has been observed with vitamin deficiency, either due to malnutrition, dieting, or due to menstrual loss or due to stress and strain that reduces your appetite.

Proper supplementation of the vitamins may reverse the condition and aid in regrowth of hair. Multivitamins consisting of B vitamins as well as fat soluble E vitamin helps the healthy growth of hair. Vitamin E ensures proper blood circulation in the hair roots; this will strengthen the hair roots and enhance the process of hair regrowth. It also aids in increasing the immunity. Compromised immunity has been blamed to be a cause for hair loss. Vitamin C and iron are also necessary nutrients needed for proper hair conditioning and growth. Eat food that consists of all the above vitamins. You can also take vitamin supplementation. Protein food is also necessary because hair is a type of protein.

Diet Regime to Follow for Hair Regrowth

The two most important nutrients needed for a healthy hair growth is protein, vitamins and minerals. Eat food rich in proteins. Wheat, oats, bran, brown rice, wheat germ, millet, barley are rich source of proteins, iron, vitamin E and biotin.

Legumes, lean meat, eggs, fish and fish oil are rich in proteins. Soy based products such as Tofu, tempeh, soy cheese, kidney beans, garbanzos, split peas etc are also rich source of proteins. Protein is the main component of hair and any deficiency may cause its thinning and hair loss.

Green leafy vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that help in proper blood circulation in the hair roots. They also contain iron, silica, calcium that is required for proper hair nourishment.

Stop eating junk food, colas and sugar rich food in excess.

Simple Natural Ways to Regrow Hair

There are millions of people who strive to regrow their hairs. They seek different avenues for this purpose; some approach their doctors for expensive hair transplants, and laser surgery. Many others buy expensive products that are advertized on television. Some use drugs that are known to have side effects. With all considerations, the best approach is a natural way to regrow hair.

Use of hair oil: massaging hair oil on the scalp helps to stimulate the blood circulation and moisturizes the scalp skin. It also nourishes the hair follicles. It is a natural way to fight against receding hair line. Apply castor oil, coconut oil or almond oil before sleeping and keep it overnight. It is an effective home remedy for hair growth.

Rub coconut milk on your scalp at least three times in a week. All you have to do is, rub coconut oil and let it remain for half hour. Rinse your head and hairs with warm water and dry them gently. Follow the procedure till you find your hair loss has stopped and there is healthy regrowth of healthy hairs.

The herb nettle extract is a great remedy for regrowth of hairs. Even if it is a gentle irritant, it helps in increasing the circulation of blood in the scalp. It stimulates the roots of hair and facilitates flow of nutrients and oxygen in the hair follicles.

Researchers have found the herb saw palmetto also helps the hair to regrow.

Change in life style and food habits, reducing stress and strain, taking ample rest are other essential natural ways to regrow hairs as they all in some way or the other affect your hairs.

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