How to Use Vinegar for Treating Dandruff: Tips and Recipes

Dandruff affects almost all individuals at some point in time in their lives. Dandruff is linked with an overgrowth of yeast; however there are a host of other factors that may contribute to its development. While there are several commercial products to manage dandruff, vinegar is considered to be the most effective natural remedy to deal with dandruff. This article provides information about how to use vinegar for the treatment of dandruff on the scalp.

Dandruff is associated with formation of flakes on the skin of the scalp and is often linked with hair loss.

Dandruff can be fairly distressing condition and is associated with symptoms like itching and flaking of skin. Experts suggest that dandruff is caused due to a yeast infection called pityroporum ovale.

Many experts suggest the use of apple cider vinegar for the management of scalp dandruff. Vinegar is considered to have anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties which can help get rid of the yeast infection and alleviate symptoms like itching and hair loss.

Recipe of Vinegar for Treating Dandruff

Using vinegar with dried herbs helps add value to the combination and improves the efficacy for the treatment of dandruff. Select any one of the dried herb form the common options of rosemary, sage or thyme.

Boil two cups of apple cider vinegar. After removing it from the heat add about one-fourth cup of a single herb or a combination of herbs to the vinegar. Mix the two and allow it to stay through the night. Next morning, strain the mixture. Store this mixture in a cool and dry place. Once prepared, you can use this mixture, for local application, to treat dandruff, within four to six months.

Following the treatment regimen using this recipe can help reduce the appearance of dandruff flakes noticeably within the first couple of weeks.

However it is recommended that you continue with the treatment for a minimum of six to eight months on a regular basis, at least twice a week.

After you have Prepared Mixture…

Once you have prepared the mixture as mentioned above, you can use it for the treatment of dandruff on regular basis. It is recommended that you ideally dilute it with water, in a proportion of 1:8 before using for local application.

Douse the hair and the scalp with the solution both before and after a bath. However, don’t rinse the application after the bath, but instead just allow it to stay on the hair and the scalp. Dry your hair as usual.

Alternatively you can also dab concentrated vinegar on the scalp directly using a cotton ball. Allow the vinegar to stay on for a couple of hours, before you rinse your hair.

It is important to take necessary precautions in order to prevent the vinegar from entering into your eyes, as it is very strong and can sting.

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