How Do You Get Lice In Your Hair? How To Remove Them Naturally?

Lice in hair occur when there is lice infestation in hair. In general lice infestation is called as pediculosis. Commonly infestation occurs in hair of the head. It is very common among children. Head lice thrive on human blood. Simple measures will help you to get rid of lice in hair.
Head lice spread from head to head contact with affected person. Lice will climb from one person’s hair to that of another when their heads come in close contact.
Head louse is of grey or brown color. It is of size of sesame seed.

Female louse lays eggs near the roots of hair. Eggs are cemented with hair where they get warmth from our scalp. After about eight days baby lice hatch but eggshell remains attached to the hair. Empty eggshells are called as nits and can be seen as white small particles attached firmly to hair. Within seven days after hatching female lice start laying eggs.

Lice In Hair Symptoms

The Scalp will itch.

  • You may see eggs attached to hair especially when infestation is severe.
  • One can see lice crawling on hair or sometime on forehead or neck of the affected person.

Diagnosis: Examine your child’s hair and scalp regularly and look for eggs or lice. Children who have thick curly hair should be examined by parting their hair at 2 to 3cms intervals to look for eggs or lice crawling near scalp.

How To Remove Lice From Hair Naturally?

  • Oil your hair thoroughly and then comb it with fine toothed comb made especially to get rid of lice. Then shampoo your hair as per normal routine.
  • Apply saturated salt solution to scalp and hair. Keep it for thirty minutes and then wash your hair. This gives instant relief from lice.
    Salt solution kills the eggs and lice and breaks the vicious cycle. If necessary repeat the procedure after one week. You may feel mild irritation of scalp after applying salt solution which goes on its own after washing hair.
  • Avoid head to head contact with other people.
  • One can manually pick each and every egg from affected person’s hair. This procedure is very tedious and requires lot of patience.
  • Combs, brushes, clothes and towels of affected person should be washed regularly with hot water. Keep them immersed in hot water for at least thirty minutes.
  • Keep the bed of the affected person in sunlight for two weeks to get rid of any lice that may have crawled on bed.
  • If necessary one can use medicated shampoo or other medicated products made to get rid of lice. Consult your doctor before using such products. You have to protect your eyes while using these products.
  • Be watchful. Every week check your as well as your children’s hair for lice infestation. Keep the room well lit where the examination of hair is carried out. Early detection of lice will make it easy to get rid of them immediately. One needs to be persistent to get rid of lice.
  • Keep your hair brush separate.
  • Do not share your brush or hat or helmet with anyone.

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