What Causes Ingrown Hair On Stomach? How To Prevent & Treat It?

Sometimes hair gets trapped in the hair follicle beneath the skin and causes inflammation and infection resulting in ingrown hair. Ingrown hair can occur in the areas that are shaved frequently, for example, face in men. Ingrown hair can also occur on the stomach if one is shaving the area for cosmetic purpose. Simple steps can be taken to treat and prevent ingrown hair.

Some common causes of the ingrown hair are:

  • Hair which grows from hair follicle may curl and re-enter the follicle from which it has grown and result in ingrown hair.
  • People who have curly hair are more likely to develop ingrown hair.
  • Shaving is one of the most common contributing factors for ingrown hair. If one shaves very close and against the grain, then one can be at a risk of developing ingrown hair.
  • Dead skin cells may cover the hair follicle after shaving and due to this hair gets trapped in the follicle.

Ingrown hair looks like a small red bump on the skin. It will be tender to touch. It usually starts a few days after shaving and may worsen as hair grows. It looks similar to acne. Secondary infection may develop.

Usually secondary infection is caused by staphylococcus and Pseudomonas. Pustule is formed due to secondary infection. Rarely abscess may develop.

How To Prevent & Treat Ingrown Hairs On Stomach?

  • Scrub your skin regularly with scrubber while bathing. Scrubbing helps exfoliation of dead skin cells which are responsible for blocking hair follicle. Thus scrubbing is an important step to prevent ingrown hair.
  • Dip the cloth in steaming hot water and wring it. Put this wringed cloth with bearable temperature on the stomach area and keep it till cloth becomes warm.
    Steam will help to open the pores and relieve the ingrown hair. This will also help to soften the ingrown pimple and may facilitate its draining.
  • Apply warm compress on ingrown hair. If follicle has opened, then trapped hair will look like a loop. Lift this loop with the help of sterile needle or tweezers and pull it a little so that trapped end of the hair can come out. Let the root of the hair remain intact so that skin will heal around it.
  • Avoid shaving in the wrong direction. Before shaving, wet the concerned area, apply lubricating shaving gel. Always shave along the direction of hair. Avoid close shave.
  • Do not shave the affected area till it gets completely healed.
  • Local antibiotic cream can be used after consulting your doctor. In severe and chronic infection of ingrown hair, doctor may advise a course of oral antibiotics.
  • Avoid using dull razors.
  • Apply saline solution on the ingrown hair to prevent secondary infection.
  • Instead of shaving, one can allow hair to grow freely if possible.
  • Take one tablespoon of granulated sugar and mix it with baby oil and gently scrub your skin with this mixture. One can also use sea salt instead of sugar.
  • Massage the stomach region near ingrown hair in a circular motion.

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