Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms: Its Causes And Natural Remedies

Vitamins are important organic substances required for vital body functions. Vitamins are essential components of a balanced diet. If our daily food intake does not include required amount of vitamins, there would be a vitamin deficiency in our body.

Vitamins are naturally included in foods that we usually consume. With the help of a well-balanced diet, we can easily meet our daily requirement of vitamins to combat various diseases and remain healthy. Vitamins can also be sourced from supplements and multivitamin pills.

If your daily food intake does not consist of balanced diet, it is mandatory for you to incorporate vitamin supplementation to fill the nutritional void.

Symptoms Of Vitamin Deficiency

Wide ranges of diseases are attributed to vitamin deficiency disorder. Some of them are related to cardiovascular system and immune system while others are related to nervous system, nails, skin and poor quality of hair.

Deficiency of Vitamin A is characterized by health conditions such as dry eye, hair loss, joint pain, weakened muscles and night blindness. Acute deficiency of Vitamin A can impair immune system functions, may even result in death.

Vitamin B deficiency is directly related to impairment of nervous system which leads to nerve disorder, vomiting, fatigue and liver damage. Vitamin B 12 deficiency can induce problems like memory loss, stress, depression and frustration.

Vitamin C deficiency in body can cause scurvy which is related to bleeding and inflammation of gums. Skeletal deformities like osteoporosis and rickets can occur due to deficiency of Vitamin D.

What Are The Causes Of Vitamin Deficiency?

Deficiency of vitamin is primarily attributed to dietary deficiency or malnutrition. People who consume low quantity of animal foods and vegetables run the risk of being plagued by Vitamin A deficiency disorder. Breast milk is also a very good source of Vitamin A.

Newborn babies who do not get breast milk are also at high risk of developing the condition.

During pregnancy and lactation, some women are vitamin A deficient. This condition leads to vitamin A deficiency in their babies, as well. Some diseases like sprue, obstructive jaundice, giardiasis and cirrhosis cause patients to absorb inadequate amount of vitamins, resulting in vitamin deficiency in them.

Vitamin B 12 is mostly caused by lack of intrinsic factor. This health condition leads to pernicious anemia. Excess secretion of urine due to health conditions like pneumonia, tuberculosis, nephritis and cancer is also an important trigger of vitamin deficiency.

Natural Remedies For Deficiency Of Vitamins

Best treatment for vitamin deficiency is possible with the help of vitamin enriched diet. Milk, butter, meat, liver, cheese, kidney and cream are very good sources of vitamin A. You can also improve your vitamin deficiency condition by consuming carotene that is amply found in dark green vegetables and bright yellow colored fruits and vegetables. In order to treat vitamin deficiency, food fortification that improves food quality is also an effective option.

Some people who are vitamin deficient fail to absorb vitamin B12 due to any underlying condition. Injections of Vitamin B12 can effectively work to improve condition of those patients. You can remove deficiency of vitamin B12 by taking Vitamin B12 supplements orally in addition to including B12 enriched foods in your diet.

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