What are the Main Causes of Tingling all Over the Body & Its Symptoms

Facts on Tingling All Over the Body

  • Tingling is not a normal sensation in the body which is often characterized by pin pricks or feeling of needles and pins.
  • Though this occurs on certain body parts, it can be felt in the entire body.
  • Causes of such are often associated to aging but are not considered serious.
  • When a person feels a tingling sensation in his body, this results from reduced blood flow and compression of nerves. This sensation goes away if the person changes position or move around.
  • However, certain medical conditions result to relentless tingling all over the body and these cannot be relieved by position change or movement.
  • Most of the medical conditions concerning tingling in the body come from the peripheral nervous system. Peripheral nervous system comprises of groups of nerves that branch out from the vertebrae going to the extremities.

What Causes Tingling in the Entire Body

Commonly, tingling in the body is caused by damage or disease in the nerves. The following are common causes of tingling in the entire body.

  • Blood circulation disorders – If there is insufficient flow of blood into the various parts of the body system, it can lead to tingling.
  • Smoking or drinking alcohol – The toxic elements found in tobacco and alcohol can damage the nerves. As a result, symptoms all over the body are felt, specifically tingling sensation.
  • Diabetes – Tingling can be a symptom of diabetic condition.
  • Multiple sclerosis – This condition brings about the formation of brain lesions that results to tingling all over the body.
  • Tumor growth – It has been discovered that tingling in the body can also be due to a growth surrounding the spinal cord. Associated symptom is flank pain.
  • Panic or anxiety – If the tingling comes with symptoms like dizziness, sweating, worry, or fear, this is probably caused by anxiety or panic disorder.
  • Nerve injury – This can occur in the body which would likely affect the entire system when not attended medically.

Symptoms Associated with Tingling of Entire Body

Tingling in the body is characterized by pricking sensation or like being pricked by tiny pins or needles. This condition can be accompanied by a number of symptoms depending on the disorder causing it. The following are associated symptoms that a person may experience along with tingling sensation:

  • Sudden vision blurring or loss.
  • Seizures
  • Rashes
  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Muscle weakness
  • Hematoma or bluish skin color.

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