Natural Ways To Cure Sleep Apnea: What Are its Causes & Symptoms?

Sleep apnea is among the most common yet often undiagnosed disorders affecting humans. Patients suffering from this condition either get their breathing paused while sleeping or get shallow breaths when they asleep.

The paucity of breathing can range from one second to even a minute, and this can be repeated to even thirty times in a span of one hour. Once the paucity is over, people start to breathe normally or with a choking and snorting sound.

In most cases, patients neglect the problem in the initial stages and get a chronic sleep disorder, leading to poor sleep as well as fatigue in the daytime.

Research has proved sleep apnea to be the major cause of daytime sleepiness in people.

Signs And Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea

Symptoms of sleep apnea are often unrecognized by the patients. Yet, patients who have been diagnosed with this condition have often complained of waking up with dry or sore throat in the midnight.

Sleep can also be disrupted with gasping or choking sensation. Loud snoring is also another common sign indicating this condition. Feeling sapped of energy or sleepiness during the daytime, sleepiness while driving and restless sleep are also some of the symptoms denoting sleep apnea.

Morning headaches, frequent mood changes and forgetfulness are also noticed in people with sleep apnea. Disinterest or reduced interest in sex can also be a sign indicating sleep apnea. Insomnia or recurrent awakening are other marked signs.

What Are The Causes Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is caused in patients in whom the muscles at the back of the throat are relaxed while sleeping. Due to the relaxation of the muscles, the airway either get closed or gets narrowed while breathing and the patient does not get adequate oxygen in their lungs.

This in turn reduces the amount of oxygen in blood, which alarms the brain about the inability of breathing, thus causing disturbance in sleep.

Once the individual is awakened, the airway is opened once again for breathing.

While some people get awakened repeatedly and cannot sleep well, there are others, who do not even remember about this repeated awakening.

Natural Remedies To Treat Sleep Apnea

In case of patients who can recognize the problem of sleep apnea, it is recommended to follow some lifestyle changes and take natural cures to heal the condition. Obesity is one of the major causes triggering sleep apnea and losing excess pounds have helped many patients deal with this condition successfully.

Moderate exercising for around thirty minutes can help in dealing with sleep apnea. Sleeping on the abdomen or sides and avoiding sleeping on the back is also recommended to keep the airways opened at night.

Quit smoking and alcohol consumption if you have sleep apnea as these can trigger the condition significantly.

If these do not help, getting nasal sprays to keep the nasal passage open at night may help in dealing with the condition. Appliances like continuous positive airway pressure or using oral appliances to keep the throat open may be recommended by doctors to treat sleep apnea.

In case, patients do not get positive results with any of these, doctors may recommend surgery to treat the condition.

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