Is Taking Protein Shake Before Going To Bed Good Or Bad

If you are elite level bodybuilder or a fitness freak, protein shake may be a part of your regular diet.  However, even if you are not into bodybuilding or in weight loss work up, it makes sense to drink protein shake for overall health. We all know that protein is the basic requirement to build and repair your muscle fibers. Drinking protein shakes help to repair your strained muscles after a muscle building exercise.

Usually, people drink protein shakes once they finish their exercise routines or during daytime. Many people wonder whether drinking protein shakes before bed is good or bad.

A protein shake is best drink to build your muscle mass without adding unwanted layers of fat on your tummy, thighs and buttocks. Protein shakes are well known for weight loss treatments, thanks to modern gyms and manufacturers that promote them. The main benefit of protein shakes is they provide the body’s nutritional requirement without any topping up of carbohydrates and fats.

Is It Good To Drink Protein Shake Before Bed?

The idea of drinking protein shakes after a heavy workout in the gym or after a rigorous exercise schedule is to repair the damaged muscles. Repair and rebuilding of muscles takes place while your body is resting. Drinking protein shake before bed is therefore good, as maximum muscle repair and rebuilding takes place during the night when your body is at rest. The slow digesting amino acids provide constant energy supply to the body during the night time for muscle building. Simultaneously, there are fewer requirements of protein and energy to other organs of the body while you sleep.

As you know by now, protein shake is good for you before going to the bed. The question now arises which protein is the best for you, whey or casein.

Whey protein is generally the best choice as it is easy to get digested and the amino acids present in whey protein become quickly available. However, during nighttime, taking whey protein shake may not be a good idea, the reason being its fast release and utilization of calories. A fast acting protein such as whey is therefore suitable during day time and not during night.

What Type Of Protein Shake Should I Take?

At night you are in fasting mode for at least 7 hours while you are asleep, you need a protein that keeps you full and provides slow and steady flow of energy. Casein is one such protein that is slow to digest, and there is steady flow of energy. Bodybuilders usually recommend taking casein before going to the bed. Cottage cheese and yogurt are also other slow releasing proteins that you can try before bed.

If you are intending to lose body weight by taking protein shake, than you should not use milk or skim milk. This is because they both contain lot of sugar. In such case you should prepare a protein shake by mixing protein powder and water. By taking high protein shake with egg white before you go to bed is an added advantage to build your muscles for up to 5 to 6 hours while you are sleeping. The other advantage of drinking protein shake in night is you will get sound sleep and wake up with more alertness and less hungry in the morning.

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  1. Wyn

    I am still worried about taking protein shake before sleep. I just thought that if I take a protein shake before bed time it will make me fat because there is no way to burn those fats/carbs and other contents of the shake since I am not doing anything but sleeping. Please help my worries about it.

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