Pain When Wrist Is Twisted: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Options

Pain when wrist is twisted, is a health problem which occurs after an injury is sustained to the ligaments of the wrist. The wrist consists of several joints which connect fifteen separate bones. The ligaments which are sheets of tough fibrous tissue linking cartilages or bones suffer damage or tear due to extreme sprain or twist of the wrist, resulting in pain.

Twist in the wrist may occur due to actions like landing on outstretched hand while falling from a raised position or when a person lands on fully outstretched hand after a snowfall or during ice storms.

Twisted wrist condition afflicts sports persons the most. Of all the sports injuries, wrist twist alone accounts for 3 to nine percent of cases. Sports which associate high risk of wrist injury include roller hockey, weightlifting, ice hockey, baseball, judo and wrestling.

Symptoms Of Pain When Wrist Is Twisted

A mild twisted wrist condition indicates tenderness or swelling accompanied with modest pain that is felt only when the wrist is moved. In severe cases, the condition is marked with heavy swelling and deformation of the wrist.

The region around the wrist joint gets swollen and bruised. This particular state is clinically known as ecchymosis. Most often pain becomes very severe and the wrist is rendered almost immobile. Sometimes, the affliction leads to tearing or popping pain.

A major twist in wrist does not get corrected unless properly attended by experts. However, pain may subside in a couple of weeks. If the injured ligament is not addressed properly, the bones would refuse to slide when the wrist is moved.

What Can Cause Twist In The Wrist?

Causes of twisted wrist are many, accidents being the important one. Mostly, people get twist in wrist due to traumatic injuries suffered during a road accident or a fall with their hands fully outstretched.

Athletes like gymnasts or somersault performers are mostly vulnerable to wrist sprain. They may get their wrist afflicted due to an acrobatic feat that is mistimed.

Sports such as football, tennis, cricket, javelin throw and hockey are important events which may cause a twisted wrist as these sports require the players to subject their wrists to continuous stress. Wrist twist is also very common in skiers as they require gripping their ski poles while falling. In this way, they put their wrists under considerable strain.

Treatment For Twisted Wrist Pain

A mild form of wrist twist affliction can be handled initially with RICE management. It requires giving rest to the injured wrist joints, applying ice packs to the injured region for reducing swelling, compressing the inflammation with an elastic bandage and elevating the injured wrist.

A twist in wrist of moderate form that is mostly sustained by professional sportsmen and athletes requires a light cast or a splinter for making the affected wrist immobilized. After a period of about ten days, the cast or splinter is removed and is followed by physiotherapy.

However, a serious twisted wrist injury will require you to undergo surgery to address the ligament damage.

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