Causes Of Muscle Pain Twitching: Symptoms And Treatment Options

Muscle pain twitches are spontaneous muscle contractions which are localized and nominal in force. Unlike muscle cramps that usually involve several muscle groups, muscle twitches take place in small groups of muscle connected to the one motor-nerve fiber. This health condition can afflict anyone in any part of the skeletal muscle.

Muscle pain twitches mostly occur naturally and do not involve serious health threat. However, if the syndrome is triggered due to any underlying condition or nervous system disorder, it may pose substantial threat to the health.

Muscle twitches can start with a slight pain and aggravate with time.

If the problem is low-key, the twitching may disappear on its own in no time. In other cases, affliction may go on for long.

Muscle Pain Twitching Symptoms

Muscle pain twitches may be accompanied with mild to severe pain in the affected region. If the twitching is caused by any underlying disorder which is serious in nature, the pain may become intolerable. In severe cases it may even lead to some sort of mania or unconsciousness. Besides, the affected region becomes very tender.

Severe form of muscle twitches usually leaves the affected body part immobile. As muscle twitching is an involuntary disorder, it generally occurs after an arduous exercise session. When it is triggered by strenuous exercise, the sufferer shows up symptom of fatigue along with pain.

When the affliction is caused due to underlying disease like Huntington’s chorea, muscle twitching may show some unusual psychological symptoms.

What Causes Muscle Pain And Twitches?

The primary cause of muscle pain twitches is involuntary contraction or tightening up of muscle. Apart from it, there are several external and internal conditions which are responsible for triggering the disorder. Strenuous or unfamiliar exercise, anxiety or stress and side effects of some medicines are common triggers of muscle twitching.

In case of excess anxiety or stress, twitching may occur in thumb, calf muscle and eyelid and may even degenerate into a recurring attack. High dose of caffeine and poor diet may also induce muscle twitching. Major health conditions like Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s chorea can also cause muscle twitching.

Treatment Options For Muscle Pain Twitching

Mild form of muscle twitching does not necessitate medical evaluation as you can overcome the condition on your own. Those in an early stage of affliction can get relief from the disorder by adding some mineral supplements like calcium or potassium to their diet. Massage and hot packs can also make difference.

If the disorder is triggered by excess accumulation of heavy metals like copper, lead, mercury and aluminum in the body, hair tissue mineral analysis is done to determine levels of heavy metal. Then, precise medical treatment of neurologically induced muscle twitches need to be initiated.

You can also treat muscle twitching with the help of herbs like hops, lady’s slipper, chamomile, skullcap, passion flower and wood betony. All these herbs are known to calm the nervous system with their sedative effect.

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