Causes Of Inflammation Of Muscles And Home Remedies For Myositis

Inflammation of the muscles tissue is also referred to as Myositis, affects the muscles of the trunk and the torso more frequently. The condition is associated with weakness which may range from mild to severe. The condition is a chronic ailment which is associated with episodes of acute exacerbation.

Epidemiological studies have shown that the condition affects females more frequently and is more common during childhood and in adults in their early 20s.

The causes for muscle inflammation are not known but it is believed to be an autoimmune disorder, in which the white blood cells (a part of the cellular immunity), attack and invade the muscle fibers.

There are a host of natural and home based remedies that are beneficial in the management of muscle inflammation.

What Causes Inflammation Of The Muscles?

Myositis is a chronic condition which is considered to be an autoimmune disorder, however there is little information available about how the condition develops. There have been various studies that have tried to identify the association of certain disease conditions and medications with the development of muscle inflammation.

Ÿ  In a study conducted in Sweden, it was observed that muscle inflammation tend to develop in individuals who have been infected with the cytomegalovirus. It is believed that the antibodies against cytomegalovirus are responsible for the onset of Myositis.

Ÿ  Drug toxins like cocaine, steroids, alcohol, hydroxycholoroquine and statins are also known to increase the risk of development of inflammation of the muscles.

Ÿ  Metabolic disorders including diabetes or hyperthyroidism are closely linked with the development of muscle inflammation.

Ÿ  Infectious disease like lyme bacteria, streptococcus, AIDS, influenza, tapeworm and schistosomiasis are all considered to increase the risk of developing Myositis.

Ÿ  Muscle inflammation is also closely associated with the development of other connective tissue disorders like systemic lupus erythromatosus, rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma.

The symptoms associated with myositis include generalized muscle weakness and muscular pain which can be mild to severe, depending upon the severity of the condition. The condition is a typical chronic illness, which is associated with frequent bouts of acute relapses, with minimal symptoms.

Often the condition is associated with skin rash and is referred to as ‘dermotomyositis’. The skin rash is self limiting and the symptoms tend to disappear with or without treatment.

Home Remedies For Muscle Inflammation Or Myositis

As per modern medicine, muscle inflammation can be treated using corticosteroids. However, high dosage of corticosteroids can be associated with a host of complications which include hair loss, swelling, acne, cataracts, hypertension and aggravation of diabetes and increased risk of infection.

There are certain home remedies that are beneficial in the management of inflammation,

Ÿ  Ginger is considered to have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Regular consumption of ginger tea is considered beneficial in the management of inflammation. Prepare a paste of freshly squeezed ginger with raw honey. Add a teaspoon of the paste to a cup of warm water and consume twice a day. Honey can help in strengthening the immune system.

Ÿ  Garlic also has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Add about two to three flakes of garlic clove to your diet regularly.

Ÿ  Turmeric is a natural herb which also has anti-inflammatory properties and is loaded with anti oxidants which has made it very important natural herb in the management of cancers.

Ÿ  Limit the intake of processed and refined foods. Also restrict the intake of saturated and trans fats in your diet. These foods are often associated with alteration in the normal metabolic process of the body and also can increase the risk of developing muscle inflammations. Focus on consuming fresh fruits and vegetables.

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