Causes Of Morning Headaches: Symptoms Of Headaches In The Morning

Morning headaches or tension headaches are frequently experienced by individuals. Tension headaches are not as severe as other headaches like migraine or cluster headaches but can interfere with the individuals overall quality of life. There are different techniques and home remedies that can be beneficial in alleviating the symptoms associated with morning headaches.

What Causes Headaches In The Morning?

As per a research study, one in every 13 people suffers from morning headaches, with about eight percent of them suffering from morning headaches for over four years. As per epidemiological data, women between the ages of 45 to 65 years are more prone to suffer from morning headaches.

Some of the common causes associated with morning headaches include the following,

  • Sleep apnea: Sleep apnea refers to a condition characterized by disturbed sleep at night primarily due to obstructed breathing for a few seconds during sleep. Sleep apnea is considered to be a leading cause for morning headaches.
  • Teeth grinding: Another common cause of morning headache is grinding of teeth at night. This can be attributed to any form of gum disease or associated with worm infestation. Teeth grinding at night can also be a part of a psychological disorder, which in turn may result in pain in the muscles of the jaw, head and neck, resulting in headache on waking up.
  • Snoring partner is another common cause for disturbed sleep, which in turn may result in early morning headaches. Other factors responsible for disturbed sleep include restlessness in bed or excessive anxiety and depression.
  • Other trigger factors for development of morning headaches include excessive consumption of caffeine, smoking or alcohol consumption. Other factors include eye strain, flu and nasal congestion with sinusitis. Stress and poor posture also play a crucial role in morning headache.

Symptoms Of Morning Headache

The most common symptoms associated with morning headaches include the following,

  • Mild to moderate headache which is characterized by generalized pain across the entire head.
    The headache is associated with a tight band like sensation around the head.
  • The pain may last for about thirty minutes and may be recurrent every morning. The pain tends to subside as the day passes.
  • The headache is often not debilitating, though it may result in distress and discomfort.
  • The pain worsens on exposure to sunlight or loud noise and is often associated with irritability.
  • Though morning headaches or tension headaches are more frequently observed in adults or teenagers, they may also be found in young children. The symptoms associated with morning headaches in children include tiredness, excessive crying, irritability and vomiting.

Treatment For Early Morning Headaches

The treatment of morning headache depends upon the underlying cause,

  • Herb like St. Johns Wort is considered beneficial in management of depression and also helps in treating insomnia to a certain extent.
  • Iron deficiency anemia may also contribute to morning headache in teenage girls and hence supplement of iron and other essential nutrients and vitamins plays a crucial role in the management of morning headaches.
  • Homeopathic drugs like Nux Vomica, Naturum Mur and Bryonia are considered effective in the management of morning headaches. Homeopathic drugs should be consumed in low potency and should be repeated about thrice a day.

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