What Causes Low White Blood Count? Symptoms And Natural Remedies

Low white blood count also referred to as leukopenia, is a condition which is characterized by decrease in the natural white blood cell count, which play an important role in protecting the body against infections. There can be several causes which may lead to lower white blood count and this can be associated with higher risk of infections.

Low white blood count is associated with a host of conditions ranging from common cold or flu to cancers. White blood cells play a vital role in protecting the body against infectious agents like bacteria, virus and parasites and a lower white blood count is associated with poor immunity.

Fortunately there are certain natural treatment options that can help in improving low white blood count and strengthening the overall natural immune system. This article provides information about the natural treatment options to manage low white blood count in the body.

What Does Low White Blood Count Mean?

Under normal conditions, the white blood count ranges between 8,000-11,000 WBC per deciliter of blood. An individual has a low white blood count when the WBC count drops below the lower reference values of 8000 WBC per deciliter.

White blood cells comprise of different types of cells including neutrophils, leucocytes and eosinophils. Occasionally one may observe a rise in the leucocytes or eosinophil levels and a drop in neutrophil levels, this condition is known as neutropenia- though the overall white blood count may either remain constant or be higher than usual. Low white blood count is a condition were individual and total white blood count drops below reference values.

Causes And Symptoms Of Low White Blood Cell Count

There are several factors that may contribute to low white blood count. Some of the important conditions include,

  • A recent acute infection like influenza or cold can result in drop of the white blood count.
  • Use of chemotherapy or radiation therapy can also lead to drop in white blood count. Certain drugs like anti-convulsing drugs can also lead to drop in white blood count.
  • Low white blood count is also associated with other conditions like aplastic anemia, HIV and AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, Hodgkin’s lymphoma or cancers.
  • Deficiency of minerals like zinc and copper or deficiency of folate can also result in low white blood count.

Low White Blood Count Symptoms

Primarily drop in white blood count is linked with poor immunity and increases the possibility of acquiring infections easily. A person with low white blood count may be prone to various ailments like tuberculosis, common cold, flu, etc.

Natural Remedies For Low White Blood Cell Count

There are a host of different natural treatment options for the management of low white blood count. Here are some simple and natural home remedies that can be considered effective in the treatment of the condition,

  • Simple herbs like Fenugreek seeds, Goldenseal and Red Clove can naturally help in strengthening the immune system and improving the white blood count.
  • Astragalus is considered to be a useful herbal remedy to improve white blood count and stimulating the immune system. This herb is often used in conjunction with chemotherapy as it can help in boosting the white blood count.
  • Improve the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. These foods are loaded with antioxidants and vital nutrients that play a pivotal role in improve immunity.

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