How to Treat Hot Peppers Burns on Hands and Its Causes?

Hot peppers are popular spices used for everyday cooking. These peppers can be used for a wide variety of cuisine and dishes. Some people also use these hot peppers as a form of alternative medication. Still, these hot peppers are “hot” in many ways so that these could actually cause the patient to have burns.

Burns from Hot Peppers

  • A lot of people have experienced burns due to handling of hot peppers. Why are these peppers hot, in the first place? Well, peppers have a certain amount of the active ingredient capsaicin. Now, this compound is the one responsible for making the pepper hot.
  • When a person comes in contact with capsaicin, it triggers the sensory neurons to feel heat as well as burning and painful sensations.
  • These burns could actually cause the affected areas to present the following symptoms:
    • Redness
    • Swelling
    • Blisters
    • Heat
    • Burn marks
  • The burns will not choose a location – anything that comes in contact with the peppers will surely have burns. Thus, watch out for sensitive areas such as the lips, nose, and eyes.

Burns on Hand Caused by Capsaicin found in Peppers

  • Most hot pepper burns are found on the hands because, well, people often handle these peppers with their hands. Their biggest mistake is not using gloves when they cut the peppers. Although it might really look a bit silly for a person to be using gloves when cutting these small pieces of pepper, millions of people would disagree. It is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Thus, anyone handling hot peppers, especially ones they have not tried before, should wear gloves. Try the latex ones. Still, some hot peppers are so strong that the heat would permeate through the latex. To solve this problem, try applying butter on the palms of the gloves before using them.

How to Treat Pepper Burns

Still, if the burn does occur, don’t fret and never panic. Avoid spreading the capsaicin to other parts of the body. Do the following:

  • Do not touch the affected area with bare hands. This will only spread the capsaicin to the hands.
  • Use cotton balls soaked in alcohol to remove the capsaicin from the affected area/s.
  • Try washing the affected area with dishwashing soap or any soap designed to remove grease and oils.
  • Soak cotton balls in milk, yogurt, or sour cream. Apply the cotton unto the affected area/s.
  • To remove the hot sensation in the body, try drinking lemon juice, milk, or alcoholic beverages.

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