Causes Of Hand Tremors In Teenagers: Symptoms And How To Treat It?

Hand tremors are trembling or shaking of hands due to involuntary movement of muscles. These are fine involuntary movements that occur in back and forth pattern. One can get hand tremors for short period of time due to fear or nervous anxiety. Tremors that occur frequently and over the long period of time may indicate some mild or serious underlying medical condition and needs evaluation by an expert.

What Causes Tremors In Hands?

  • Stress and anxiety – Increased competition, peer pressure, conflict with parents or friends may result in stress, anxiety and depression.
    Anxiety and fear are the most common causes of hand tremors that may occur for a short period.
  • Teenagers who are drug addicts or those who are alcoholic may experience hand tremors.
  • Dehydration and hunger can cause hand tremors.
  • Too much consumption of caffeine may lead to tremors.
  • Low blood sugar.
  • Overuse of muscle or injury to muscle.
  • Certain medications can cause tremors.
  • Hyperthyroidism.
  • Essential tremors – This is an inherited condition which occurs due to transmission of defective gene from parent to the child. Essential tremor is aggravated by extreme emotions, stress and fatigue. Essential tremors usually affect only the hands of the children and may not require any treatment.
  • A brain tumor that occurs in cerebellum or back of the brain may cause hand tremors. It will be associated with other symptoms depending on tumor’s size and exact location.
  • Spinocerebellar ataxia – Ataxia means inability to control muscle movements. Hand tremors occur with other symptoms like difficulty in walking, slurred speech and difficulty in swallowing.
  • Tourette’s syndrome – It is characterized by hand tremors, uncontrolled body movements, vocal outbursts and twitching of group of muscles.

Signs And Symptoms Of Hand Tremors

  • Shaking of hands that may worsen when the person is trying to do some activity.
    It may also worsen when the person is emotionally upset.
  • Inability to write properly.
  • Person may have poor grip.
  • Person may find it difficult to perform daily task.
  • Impaired coordination.
  • Depression.
  • Embarrassment.

If tremors are frequent and long lasting then one must consult the physician to diagnose the exact cause of tremors. Neurological examination is done to check tendon reflexes, coordination, muscle strength, gait and ability to feel various sensations.

Doctor may ask for blood test to look for blood sugar, CBC and thyroid function. Tests like EMG, CT scan of brain may be advised. Urine analysis is also conducted.

How To Treat Hand Tremors In Young Adults?

  • Avoid stress. Talk to your parents or friends and resolve the concerned matter immediately.
  • Avoid alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Avoid caffeinated products.
  • Take counseling if you are depressed or stressed.
  • Consult the doctor to rule out any underlying disease.
  • Treat the underlying disease promptly to combat hand tremors.
  • Eat healthy diet and drink plenty of water to remain well hydrated.
  • Practice relaxation and meditation techniques.
  • Physical therapy helps to improve muscle strength and coordination.
  • Occupational therapist may advise to use adaptive devices to improve tremors.
  • Rest properly. Try to get at least seven hours of sound sleep.
  • Stop the medication that may cause tremors after consulting your doctor.

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  1. Kevi

    I am 17 years old female, suffering from hand tremors for many months now. My doctor prescribed me certain medicines and they were effective for certain period and after that same problem started. Kindly advise me some exercises to get over with this tremor problem. I also want to know the exact cause of this problem.

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