What are the Symptoms of Fish Bone Stuck in Throat & How to Remove it?

A stuck fish bone in the throat is common problem faced by many people whose staple diet includes fish.  Elderly individuals with dentures are at a greater risk, because with dentures they may not be able to feel the bone while chewing. Children are a second risk group. Fortunately it has been observed by physicians that only 20 to 30 percent of people who present with symptoms of stuck fish bone will really have it, but this does not mean that the complain should be neglected. Because an impacted fish bone in the throat can become a septic focus, or it can perforate the food pipe (esophagus).

The most common area of where the fish bone gets stuck is the base of the tongue or in the tonsils or in the pharynx, it is uncommon for a fishbone to get lodged in the esophagus, but the incidence is not totally ruled out.

Symptoms to Look for when Fish Bone is Stuck in the Throat

Soon after eating fish, the patient feels a sensation that something has stuck in the throat. There is a feeling of discomfort and pain especially while swallowing food. Slowly the sensation increases and person finds sticking or splinter like pain even when he is at rest or when he yawns and laughs. In severe cases there may be blood tinged saliva. The person has constant feeling of obstruction in the throat with or without swallowing food and liquid. The interesting feature is that, the patient usually pin point and locate the area where the fish bone has stuck in the throat. Incidentally, there are many cases where the bone has been found in the nearby anatomical area where the person had pin pointed.

What are the Remedies for Fish Bone Removal Stuck in Throat

There are several ways to remove stuck fish bone in the throat, but most important way is to prevent the fish bone to get stuck in the first place.

The easiest way is to identify the bones in the fish and pick them up before you eat fish. This precautionary measure is very important when your child eats fish or an old person who wears dentures while eating food.

When you suspect a fish bone stuck in the throat, immediate response is to open your mouth and look in throat if the bone is visible. This can be done either by another person or you can simply look inside your throat by looking in the mirror keeping your mouth wide open. If the bone is visible, do not try to manipulate it yourself, professional medical help is better in such situation. Visit your doctor and he will be able to remove it with medical instruments.

Another simple way is to swallow bread with butter. While swallowing, the bread will latch onto the fish bone pull it out. Swallowing a piece of banana may also do the same work.

Voluntary coughing is another way to expel the fish bone which is not located deep down the throat.

A simple home remedy that you can try is to take two tablespoon of olive oil and gulp it. Olive oil facilitates easy sliding of the fishbone in the stomach. After that, eat food containing fiber so that, the bone can easily transit from the gastrointestinal system.

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