What are the Causes of Fatty Liver and Home Remedies for Pain Relief

Fatty liver is a condition characterized by the accumulation of fat cells in the liver. It is related to a number of diseases, but it can also be considered as a single condition itself.

  • There are basically two types of fatty liver disease, they are:
    • Alcoholic
    • Non-Alcoholic
  • Distinguishing between the two can be difficult and distinction is made with the help of medical history.
  • The condition can also be accompanied with hepatitis.

Causes of Fat Deposit in the Liver

There are a number fatty liver diseases causes, they can be categorized into the following:

  • Nutritional
    • Malnutrition – often related with an excess in nutritional intake, but may also be caused by a decreased nutritional capacity.
    • TPN – Total Parenteral Nutrition, given to patients who cannot take food orally.
    • Sudden and severe weight loss – may be caused by procedures like gastric bypass.
    • Bacterial issues
  • Metabolic
    • There are a number of genetic conditions that can lead to the disease.
    • Pregnancy can also lead to an acute form of the disease.
  • Drugs
    • Alcohol Abuse
    • Misuse of Certain Prescription Medication.
    • Mushroom poisoning can also lead to the condition.
    • Hepatotoxins can also cause fatty liver disease.

Other possible causes of the condition include:

  • HIV
  • IBS – Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome.
  • Hepatitis C

How to Relief Pain Caused by Fatty Liver

Commonly this condition will not have any symptoms. But, when they do occur the symptoms include:

  • Upper right quadrant pain – this is the area where the majority of the liver is located.
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue

To help relive pain, patients can try the following:

  • Changing positions – look for a position where there is the least pressure on the liver, lying on the left side helps to relive some of the pressure.
  • Compresses – hot compresses can also help to relieve pain.
  • Rest
  • Avoid food or activity that triggers the pain.
  • Medication – this may be used in severe cases, but it is generally avoided or patients need to prescribed medicine that do not affect the liver too much as it can aggravate the condition otherwise.

Home Remedies for Treating Fatty Liver

One of the main goals of fatty liver treatment is to address the underlying cause. Some common home remedies and lifestyle changes prescribed for the condition include:

  • Weight Loss – obesity can be a factor causing fatty liver disease.
  • Changes in Diet – avoid foods that are too fatty.
  • Exercises
  • Controlling Diabetes and Lowering Cholesterol.
  • Avoid foods or drugs that can damage the liver.

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