Exploding Head Syndrome Symptoms: Causes & How To Deal With It?

Exploding head syndrome is a parasomnia or a disease in which the patient has to undergo some violent experiences while at sleep. Though painless, the disease can be extremely distressing and disturbing. The experiences might range from an exploding bomb to deafening noises all of which originate from the head.

Sometimes people undergo the experience after coming out of sleep. People over 50 years are likely to be afflicted with this syndrome and chances of women contracting this disease is always high

Causes Of Exploding Head Syndrome

The cause of exploding head syndrome has not yet been conclusively established.

However, researchers have linked the syndrome to extreme fatigue, stress or as a side-effect arising from usage of drugs such as SSRIs and benzodiazepines.

The mechanism behind this disease is as unknown, as the disease itself. While some attribute it to a sudden movement of a middle ear component, others believe it is possibly a consequence of a minor seizure of the temporal lobe of the brain, where the nerve cells responsible for hearing can be found.

Symptoms Of Exploding Head Syndrome

The symptoms can be as bizarre as hearing a loud explosion, door slamming, deafening roar, loud shouts, lashing waves, ringing noise, a bang, a thud when there has actually been none. In some extreme cases a patient apparently hears and visualizes an instant flash for a fraction of a second.

There’s yet another syndrome to this disease. When under attack, patient can feel an extreme rush of adrenaline kick zipping past their head and sometimes in continuous streaks.

This disease can also mimic seizures and nocturnal headache without any actual headache or feeling of pain, but the reaction completely resembling the stabbing sensation. Patient suffering this disease often suffer from disturbing insomnia.

How To Deal With Exploding Head Syndrome?

Exploding head syndrome can best be cured using anti-depressants.

As the problem is mostly related to stress and fatigue, it is advisable to find ways to de-stress the body. There are different ways of draining body stress, and you can choose a way depending upon choice and suitability. Yoga, for instance, can drive away body stress completely. Likewise, music and hot bath can help the body relax completely.

If the syndrome happens because of sleep deprivation, it is advisable to have a more balanced routine with at least 6 hours of sleep every night. Sleep deprivation can also be caused by other disorders. These disorders need to be identified and cured.

People afflicted with this disease tend to become very tense about falling asleep. Psychologists say that that sooner this fear is conquered the faster you can pull yourself out of this disease. This means you should not be unduly worried about the experience every night, especially when the affliction happens to be harmless.

In most cases exploding head syndrome gets cured by itself. So, it is important to take the right distressing steps to alleviate the disease as soon as possible.

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