Symptoms Of Depression: Causes And Natural Ways To Deal With It

Everybody has to face ups and downs in their life from time to time. However, there are people, who often get overwhelmed with the emptiness of their life and get depressed. Depression can change a person’s approach toward life and he may not be even able to enjoy the best moments of his life.

It is the sadness that engulfs the life completely making the individual wait for an impending doom. This may cause a person to become restless, aggressive or angry for no reason at all. In some cases, patients have to take psychiatrist’s assistance to cope up with the condition.

However, if the symptoms are identified at the initial stage, it is possible to treat the condition at home.

Signs & Symptoms Of Depression

The signs and symptoms of depression generally start from general sadness in most cases. Yet, people also experience difficulty in concentrating, decision-making and remembering details. Decreased energy, fatigue, pessimism, hopelessness, guilt feeling, worthlessness and irritability are also some common symptoms of depression.

In some cases, people also get appetite loss or even overeating as signs of this condition. Loss of interest in different activities, including sex or personal hobbies is also common in people suffering from depression. Persistent headache, abdominal pain or digestive problems are also found in many people going through depression. Some people even tend to become suicidal due to depression.

Common Causes Of Depression

The cause of depression varies from one individual to other. In most cases, it is a sudden shock that get people depressed. For instance, some people get depressed after losing a job while there are others, who get depressed after the loss of their near ones. People who are lonely and lack social support from others may also get depressed.

Excess stress in life, relationship or marital problems, early childhood abuse and trauma can also lead to depression.

Alcohol abuse or drug abuse can also trigger this extreme sadness in people. Financial strain and underemployment are common causes of depression in many youths.

Chronic pain or health problems are found to cause depression in many adults as well as elderly people. In rare cases, patients suffer from this condition because of family history of depression.

Natural Ways Of Dealing With Depression And Anxiety

Fighting depression always seems to be an overwhelming task. However, support and care from the near ones can help in dealing with the condition successfully. Cultivating supportive relationships and challenging the growth of negative thoughts can help in fighting depression significantly.

Practicing relaxation therapies, managing stress, getting regular sleep and exercise can also help in dealing with depression successfully. People can also fight with depression by keeping themselves busy with different social activities. Going for a trip to some different place can also help in coping up with depression.

Research has proven the fact that eating carbohydrates can help in changing mood and fighting stress or depression. However, it is not advisable to increase the intake of sugary foods and instead opt for legumes, vegetables and fruits that are rich in carbohydrates.

Consulting a professional psychiatrist is important if the above measures do not help in dealing with the condition.

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