What Causes Clogged Sweat Glands? Home Remedies To Treat Them

The skin consists of various glands which release their secretions on its surface. Sweat glands and sebaceous glands are more important of all. Sweat glands produce sweat to keep our body cool. When the sweat glands get clogged it results in a condition known as prickly heat. Sometimes clogged sweat glands can also lead to secondary bacterial infection and this is more common in underarm and genital areas. The main constituent of sweat is water and salts; 98% water and 2% various salts.

In humans sweat glands are scattered all over the body surface, except on the nail bed, glans penis and lips.

They are of two types, eccrine glands and apocrine glands. Eccrine glands produce watery thin sweat to keep our body cool. Appocrine sweat glands produce somewhat thicker sweat and it is produced in response to stress or after a workout.

Appocrine sweat glands occur in underarms, nipples and areola, anus and genitalia. The secretion of this gland is odiferous with a secondary sexual significance. While eccrine sweat glands release sweat directly of the skin surface, apocrine sweat glands release sweat near the hair roots.

Causes Of Clogged Sweat Glands

Most often clogged sweat glands occur as a result of excessive sweating. The condition is common in hot and humid parts of tropical countries. Hot climate and high humidity both are responsible for excessive perspiration and prickly heat. Though clogged sweat glands can occur in anyone, some people are more prone to it. Children usually suffer from prickly heat because their sweat glands are not totally developed.

The sweat glands also get clogged in people who perspire profusely. Obesity, too much of friction due to tight clothing, wearing nylon and synthetic clothes, people working in hot stuffy room, are all at risk of suffering from prickly heat.

Patient suffering from prickly heat complain of tiny red eruptions on skin that causes itching and burning sensation.

Home Remedies To Treat Blocked Sweat Glands

Clogged sweat glands can be treated with several home remedies.

Clogged sweat glands should be treated internally as well as externally. Internally you have to do following:

Internal home remedies for clogged sweat glands:

  • Drink a glass of lime juice two to three times in a day. Lime juice helps to unclog the sweat glands. The internal body heat which is responsible for excessive production of sweat reduces after drinking lime juice.
  • Drink sugarcane juice daily at least two times in a day when you are suffering from prickly heat. It keeps the body heat under control and helps to clear blocked sweat glands.
  • Similarly watermelon juice or orange juices are useful in prickly heat treatment.
  • Avoid hot spicy food. Reduce the intake of coffee and tea and avoid alcohol.

External home remedies for clogged sweat glands:

  • Apply cucumber juice which has a cooling effect on the skin. Applying for few days readily helps to unclog the sweat glands.
  • A cool water shower once or twice in a day is also effective in relieving itching and soreness of prickly heat.
  • Apply a paste of sandalwood powder on prickly heat. To prepare the paste, mix sandalwood powder and rose water until it forms a thin paste. Apply it over the affected area of the skin.
  • Fuller’s earth is another important home remedy which deals with clogged sweat glands in an effective way. Mix small amount of water to fuller’s earth and prepare thin paste. Now apply it over the skin surface and let it dry. Once it is dried wash your skin with cold water.
  • Reduce physical exertion to reduce perspiration when you have clogged sweat glands.
  • Work and live in air-conditioned room or well ventilated room with fans.
  • Wear light and loose cotton clothing. Nylon garments should be avoided in hot climate.

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