Benefits Of Stair Climber Workout And Use Of Stair Climber Machine

We all know how important it is to do physical exercise to stay healthy, rather than being a couch potato and invite diseases. Physical activity keeps your joint mobile, your body fit and your mind fresh. Stair climbing is a physical activity that we almost do regularly in our house or in our workplace provided we avoid elevators. Yes, someone has rightly said stair climbing is the best aerobic and low impact exercise that helps to keep your muscles toned. It also increases your heart and lung stamina.

Nowadays there are several fitness equipments available where you can simulate stair climbing.

These equipments are called mechanical ‘stair climbers and steppers’. Principally by using steppers and stair climbers you work against gravity. As soon as you step on the machine and simulate to climb stairs, your heart rate increases, your calories start burning and the process continues for some time even after you step off the stair climber.

What Are The Benefits Of Stair Climber Workout?

Though many believe stair climbers are not as effective as legitimate stair climbing, proponents of stair climbers feel it is not so. Stair climbers are designed to perform particular pattern of exercise and they can be preset for resistance and motion. Stair climbers or steppers particularly act on the quadriceps, the front muscles of the thigh and muscles of the buttocks.

For maximum toning of the muscles of leg the machine can be preset for slow speed and increased resistance. This will help to make your thigh muscles strong; it is especially beneficial for those who want to participate in certain sport activities such as skiing, hiking, running. On the other hand, presetting the step climber for increased motions helps to burn more calories and thus aid in losing weight.

Besides this you have to keep your feet on the stepper throughout the workout.

This reduces the stress on your knee and hip joint resulting into less wear and tear. You may experience less aches and pains in your knee joint and hips as compared to running and jogging on a concrete road.

Most step climbers come with added features so that you can come to know your day to day progress. Some gadgets indicate the number of steps you have climbed, the amount of calories you have burned and so on. Besides you can preset the machine for high speed, high or low resistance as per your requirement.

Besides reducing weight, using step climber regularly has shown to reduce blood cholesterol.

You may feel confidant and energetic after performing on step climber. It is due to the release of endorphins, hormones that gives a feeling of euphoria.

How To Use Stair Climber Machine?

As with any machine, it is necessary to get familiarized with step climber, and use it in a way to gain maximum benefit without getting injured.

  • Step on your whole foot on the pedal so that you may not strain your tendoachilles and calf muscles.
  • Grip lightly on side railing to balance your body.
  • Stand straight and leaning slightly at the hips. In this way it prevents overarching your back. A slight forward lean also prevents your knee from locking.
  • Look forward; look down on the stairs only occasionally.
  • In the beginning start with lower step rate and gradually increase your stepping rate after some time. In between you can take deep steps.

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