Symptoms Of Spasms In Buttocks: Causes And How To Get Rid Of It?

Buttock spasms also known as buttock pain can be a great cause of discomfort and commonly happens to those who have to sit for long hours. Injuries in the pelvis can also lead to this condition. People affected with this condition feel a sudden and involuntary contraction of muscles of their buttocks while sitting or standing.

People who have been diagnosed with buttock spasms have got the soft tissue around the ischial tuberosity bones affected, making it weak. Though buttocks spasms may not initially cause much problem, yet neglecting it can lead to serious medical complications.

Symptoms Of Pain And Spasms In Buttocks

Involuntary contractions of the muscles are one of the most pronounced symptoms of buttocks spasm. Apart from this, patient can also get cramps and a painful sensation in the buttock area, which can increase significantly when someone sits over for hours in the same posture.

Numbness or weakness of the back muscles is also reported by many patients experiencing buttock spasm. When the muscles contract involuntarily it may not be possible to carry out free movements. Swelling and bruising in the buttock are also experienced by many people diagnosed with buttock spasms.

If the spasm is severe, there may also be a feeling of hotness, though the temperature change does not remain constant. Leaving the condition untreated overtime can also lead to complete paralysis or deformity of the buttock area. So, diagnosis should be done at once.

What Causes Spasms In The Buttocks?

Injury is one of the most common causes of buttocks spasms. Most of the patients diagnosed with this condition have injured their muscles accidentally while sitting for long hours in a fixed posture. Improper alignment of the body or sitting in the wrong posture can also injure the muscle even without the knowledge of the individual.

Nerve irritation and nerve compression have also triggered the condition of buttocks spasm in many patients. Practicing strenuous activities regularly without stretching the muscles adequately can also lead to buttock spasm or buttock pain.

Other causes include injury in the hips or regions adjacent to the hips. Sciatica and hypocalcaemia are two major causes that can lead to this condition.

How To Get Rid Of Muscle Spasms In Buttocks?

Exercises are one of the best ways of treating buttocks spasms. Yet, the type of exercise varies depending on the cause and extent of damage. Medications are also available but should be availed after consulting doctors. The best way of treating this condition is by changing the lifestyle especially when the disease is in commencing stage.

For those who need to sit for long hours, correcting the postures of sitting can reduce the pain significantly. However, in such cases it is important to take short breaks from their work and move around for a while to relieve the muscles from the excess stress. For players, getting proper warm up session before practicing any game is essential. A good home remedy is warm water compress, at regular intervals.


  1. CP

    I got suddenly severe spasm and pain in my buttocks and groin area on my left side. I cannot sit, turn, sleep, stand or walk since yesterday. What can be the cause and how to relieve this?
    Kindly suggest me some remedy.

  2. Shine

    I have spasm pain at the lower back of right buttock. When I use some ointment than I get temporary relief from the pain. Can you please suggest any exercise and home remedy.

  3. Emy

    I have just started experiencing the most annoying twitches in my right buttock. Very random, yet very consistent. I don’t think it is a potassium issue, I have more than enough potassium. Magnesium is also normal, I do take supplements for that every now and then. Unfortunately, lifestyle doesn’t help it, but I try my best to move around. I am not sure what exercises I can do, but would like to try something. Can you suggest anything specific for my case? Don’t want to go the medication route, I generally despise the concept unless it is absolutely necessary.

  4. Jean

    I injured my left Psoas muscle some years ago and ever since then I get spasms on right the buttock. I do yoga exercises, take magnesium supplement and also walk a lot. Are there any specific exercises for this problem that I should be doing. I also see a chiropractor regularly and have massages occasionally. The pain I get from this condition very often causes me to have sleepless nights.

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