How Does Playing Video Games Make You Fat: Do They Cause Obesity?

Obesity is one of the leading health concerns, affecting men, women and children all over the world. The main causes of obesity include eating a diet that is high in fat and calories as well as a sedentary lifestyle. There are several people who ask health experts “does playing video games cause you to gain weight?”

According to the journal of pediatrics, more than one-third of all the children living in different parts of the world are obese. A study conducted by the World Health Organization has named video games as one of the main causes of obesity in the young.

However, in addition to computer games, this study also reported chatting with friends and watching TV as possible causes for obesity.

In a study conducted by Canadian and Danish researches, it was observed that in one hour, boys burned barely 21 calories more while playing computer games as compared to resting. They also saw that kids tend to eat more than they normally would when they are playing video games. They believe that these games stimulate a youngster’s appetite and encourage him to raid the larder or the fridge for snacks. Some scientists claim that playing video games made the boys consume around 80 extra calories per hour. This means that a teen playing a video game for three hours a day has the tendency to consume 180 extra calories daily. Therefore, regular video-gamers are getting less exercise and consuming a higher number of calories each day. Over a period of time, this extra intake of calories could cause a person to become overweight and perhaps even obese.

Does Playing Video Games Cause Obesity In Children?

Of course, playing video games is not the only cause of obesity among kids and teens. There are many obese children do not even have a video game or have never played one.

Moreover, it is not necessary that all kids who play video games will become overweight or obese. There are thousands of children and teens who do play video games for an hour or two on a couple of days each week and are still within their healthy weight range or perhaps even underweight. Parents too, can reduce the risks of obesity in children by ensuring that their kids each nutritious and healthy snacks during the day.

There are numerous other activities, like talking on the phone, watching TV, playing board games and reading, which could cause kids to eat more and exercise less, thereby resulting in obesity. A child could be at a risk of becoming obese because of engaging in any kind of sedentary activity, for a long period of time. David Haslam of the National Obesity Forum does admit that there is nothing wrong specifically with playing video games, as long as there is a limit. An excess of any activity can lead to various problems and therefore should be avoided.

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