Pilates Vs Yoga Benefits: Difference In Yoga And Pilates Exercise

Nowadays lots of people are opting for different forms of exercises to remain fit. No doubt it has become necessary, as most of our work schedules are stressful and sedentary. Among the various forms of popular exercises, Pilates and Yoga has attracted lots of attention.

Due to their growing popularity among masses, people have started to compare and debate Pilate vs Yoga, their benefits and differences. Though both the exercises look similar, they are not synonymous. Fundamentally, they are very different from each other. The key in determining which of these exercises is suitable for you is to understand them in depth.

Difference Between Pilates And Yoga Exercises

Let us understand the controversy between Pilate vs Yoga, their benefits and differences.

To begin with, let it be clear that the exercises, Pilate and yoga are beneficial to your body. Both of them have their own set of differences as well as advantages. Therefore it is difficult to compare both of them. However, their approach is not same and they should not be considered as a form of same exercise.

Yoga: yoga is known and practiced since centuries by yogis in India, which eventually spread across the globe. Yoga is based on fundamental principle of unison of mind, body and spirit. It also emphasizes that given the right environment, the body and mind can become harmonious to each other. By the virtue of the above facts, practicing yoga can help a person to attain a healthy and peaceful life.

Pilates: Joseph Pilates, a German sportsperson was the originator of this form of exercise 90 years ago. More emphasize is put upon conditioning of the body and its physical aspect. It believes in strengthening the core muscles, improve their flexibility and coordination.

These core muscles are muscles of the back, buttocks, abdomen, and pelvis. Besides this, Pilates also emphasizes the role of breathing as it provides more of oxygen to the muscles and ligaments during the training session.

Health Benefits Of Yoga Vs Pilates


  • Due to deep inspiration and expiration technique of yoga, it is an effective health exercise for enhancing the breathing capacity of the lung. Thus yoga is beneficial for those suffering asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
  • Due to mindful breathing, the body is flushed with pure oxygen, which is a natural nutrient for each cell of the body for its survival and revival.
  • Yoga also increases flexibility of joints, muscles and ligaments.
  • It also helps to flush out the toxins from the body.
  • Invigorates the glandular system and lymphatic system to work in its full capacity. Thus balances the hormones.
  • Yoga also boosts the metabolic activities of the body which ultimately helps to lose the extra weight.
  • It also increases the circulation in the body.
  • Yoga helps to reduce stress level in the body.


  • Exercising Pilates helps the body and mind to get energized.
  • Due to lot of emphasize put on breathing techniques, Pilates also helps to reduce stress level.
  • It is a low impact exercise and safe for any age group.
  • Concentrating on working of the core muscles such as abdominal, lower back, buttock, Pilates helps to maintain better posture and alignment of spine and pelvic region.
  • Pilates exercise provides more strength to the muscles and ligaments as well as a smooth flexibility of the joints.

Pilates involves fitness equipments where as yoga can be performed on the mat. It does not need any equipment. However some forms of Pilate exercises can be performed on mat.

Yoga makes you fit physically as well as spiritually. Pilates only focuses on the physical aspect sans spiritual one.

Reading the above benefits and differences, they are equally appealing. They both can complement each other. Both these dynamic exercises can make you look good as well as dissipate everyday stress.

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