Why Do I Always Get A Headache After Exercise: How To Relieve It?

Headaches are a common way of the body to protest strain and fatigue. Headaches after or during exercises usually mean exercise fatigue or doing something uncomfortable while exercising. If the headaches are repetitive, you should consider and change your routine.

There are some main causes for headaches with exercise:

  • Dehydration is a primary cause. Not drinking enough water or fluids before or after exercising can cause acute and sudden headaches.
  • Contrarily, even drinking too much water can cause headaches. Drinking excess water can lead to a dilution of sodium in the body which, in turn, can lead to a headache.
  • Muscle strength is the key during exercise. If you don’t warm up enough or properly, it can lead to headaches. Hydration and a proper warm up go a long way in preventing headaches after exercise.
  • Occasionally immense exercise or intense exertion can also cause headaches. These headaches can be prevented by ensuring a gradual build up in the intensity of the workout.
  • For people prone to migraines, exercise can also act as a trigger. It’s something you may need to keep a watch out for. If exercise is indeed a trigger, you might have to alter your routine a few times before you find the time slot where exercise might not trigger a headache. Alternatively, you might need to find a different form of exercise too.

How To Prevent And Relieve Headache After Working Out?

  1. You can relieve these headaches by taking some pain medication after consulting your doctor or health care expert. Doctors often suggest taking these medications as a preventive measure if you are likely to succumb to exercise headaches.
  2. Staying well hydrated and exercising properly is one way to avoid the headaches. Sometimes a particular kind of exercise or activity triggers a headache. If you are able to notice or identify the pattern, it can be something you can work around.
  3. You can also limit your caffeine and alcohol intake and get enough rest. It also helps avoiding that particular form of exercise for a few days. You can try again in a few days after resting properly and eating a balanced diet. You also build in energy supplements and multi vitamins into your diet.

If treatments are not helping your headaches and the headaches continue to be severe, you might need to get a proper medical examination. It could mean something more serious that just an exercise-related headache.

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