How To Reduce Chest Fat For Men? Foods And Exercise To Lose Fat

An enlarged breast is the last thing any men would like to have. If you want to reduce chest fat, you should know all the facts regarding it. This is especially meant for men as they are the ones who feel more embarrassed and frustrated when fat accumulates on their chest.

Men would probably prefer their chest to be well toned and muscular. To reduce fat from the pectoral area, it is necessary to burn extra fat from whole body. It means you have to reduce your weight. Also regularly doing chest exercises and eating healthy food will help to reduce fat from the chest area.

By doing chest exercises you will also build chest muscles.

Foods That Help Lose Chest Fat

Diet to reduce chest fat is similar to that of reducing fat from the whole body. Your diet should be rich in nutrients and not merely in calories. This is the first and important principle of diet for burning fat from the whole body in general and chest fat in particular. So before you eat French fries, burgers, deep fried food, sweets, pastries and ice cream think of extra fat on your chest.

Eat more protein containing food it helps to build the muscles especially when you are doing regular exercise. Fish, meat, eggs, cereals, pulses and lentils, whole grains are good source of proteins. Also increase the intake of greens and vegetables. Both contain vitamins and minerals which are necessary for enhancing the metabolic activity in the body and thus simultaneous burning of fat. Besides, green leafy vegetables and fruits keep the sugar level in moderation all the time.

Reduce the amount of sugar you are taking in a day. Drink tea and coffee without sugar. Also reduce fat containing foods. Avoid butter, cheese and other fatty foods.

Exercises To Reduce Chest Fat For Men

General exercise for burning fat from the chest area:

If you want to reduce the fat deposits from the particular area of the body, say for example from the chest area, it is necessary to mobilize and burn the fat from the whole body.

Simple exercises which every one of us knows should be incorporated in the regular regimen.

Running of 20 minutes early in the morning or jogging is enough for burning fat. If you cannot run or jog, simple brisk walking will do the trick. If you prefer indoor exercise, then nothing is better than cycling, swimming and climbing stairs or gymnastics. To promote fat loss do any of these exercise 5 days in a week for 20 to 30 minutes.

Exercise focused particularly to burn fat from the pectoral area:

Exercise such as pushups, bench press and chest fly help to burn fat from chest area and also makes the pectoral muscles firm.

Pushups: muscles of chest, back, shoulders, triceps and even legs are used in pushups.

  • Lie down on floor on your stomach keeping your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.
  • Balance your body on your hands and toes.
  • Keep your body straight.
  • Inhale and bend your elbow slowly and lower your body till the elbows are at 90 degree.
  • Now exhale and come back to the starting position. Let the elbows remain slightly bent.
  • Repeat it as many times as you can.

Bench press is another useful exercise of the upper body that helps to burn the fat deposition on the chest.

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