How to Treat and Relieve Puffiness of Eyes from Crying?

After a long bout of crying, the eyes can become heavy, red, and puffy. Any person who has just been heavily crying can look like he or she has just had an allergic reaction when in reality he or she has only been crying. The puffiness eventually goes away by itself but there are easy ways to relieve the puffiness in a short amount of time.

Puffy Eyes from Crying

  • The eyes always become puffy after a person has been crying.
  • The main cause of eye swelling after crying is sodium.
  • The tears that eyes produce naturally contain sodium.
  • When a person cries heavily, so many tears are formed and the sodium level around the eye increases.
  • It is this increase in sodium level that causes the eye to swell, become puffy, and look red.
  • Puffy eyes are also itchy and uncomfortable.
  • While it is a relief to cry out emotions, it is equally embarrassing to go out with puffy eyes.
  • It may take several hours for the swelling of puffy eyes to decrease.
  • There are natural cures that can help reduce eye puffiness.

How to Treat Puffiness from Eyes after Crying?

Puffiness from eyes after crying can be easily cured with quick and easy home remedies.

  • Cold compress – moisten a washcloth with cold water and lightly apply over the eyes to help relieve discomfort and swelling.
  • Sliced potatoes or cucumbers – place sliced cucumbers or potatoes over puffy eyes for a period of 15 minutes. The cool temperature of the vegetables helps to reduce swelling and provides a non-sodium based moisture to the eye.
  • Decrease sodium intake – increase in sodium will only make the swelling worse or last longer.
  • Drink plenty of water – rehydrates the body and flushes out excess sodium.
  • Used tea bags – used tea bags can be stored in the fridge and then taken out when it needs to be placed over the eyes.
    After wrapping a cloth over the tea bags, these are placed over puffy eyes to help reduce the swelling.

Relieve Puffiness of Eyes from Crying

Puffy eyes that take a long time to go away can be a source of discomfort to the person for many reasons.

  • Puffy eyes seem heavy.
  • Puffy eyes are also dry eyes.
  • Puffy eyes can have a burning sensation because of the dryness.

It is important to relieve puffiness to help restore comfort to the individual. This can be done through the following methods:

  • Cooling – cooling the eyes using a cold compress, cold vegetables, or cold tea bags can help reduce the swelling.
  • Moisture – puffy eyes needs to restore moisture to prevent further discomfort from dryness. It is best for the person to hydrate with water. Vegetables placed on puffy eyes also helps to give eyes non-sodium containing moisture.

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