What Causes Puffiness Under The Eyes: Home Remedies For Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes is swelling under the eyes usually caused due to the buildup of fluid around the eye, it is also called periorbital edema. You may observe mild puffiness around the eyes in many people as they age. This is because the tissues and muscles that support the eyelids become weak, and the fat which supports the eye moves forward in the lower eyelid. This makes the eyes look puffy.

While mild degree of puffiness is common due to age and fatigue or when you wake up in the morning as a result of gravitation, there are many other causes of puffy eyes that we will explore below.

  • Most common cause of puffy eyes is aging. This is due to the weakened tissues and muscles that support the eyes.
  • When you cry, it causes strain on the eyes. There is increased blood flow to the eyes leading to swelling of eyes.
  • Medical conditions that cause fluid retention in the body are responsible for puffy eyes. Kidney disease such as nephritic syndrome, heart conditions such as enlarged heart etc. can give rise to puffy eyes, especially seen early in the morning.
  • Excess salt intake can be one reason for puffy eyes.
  • Drinking alcohol regularly can lead to stress and fatigue and retention of the fluid. All this factors can cause puffy eyes.
  • Allergies to food and drug can cause puffy eyes as one of it symptom.
  • Thyroid disease.
  • Infection around the eye such as a boil.
  • Insect bite.
  • When the tear glands get blocked it can give rise to puffiness around the eyes.
  • Heredity.
  • Not getting enough sleep.

 Home Remedies For Puffy Eyes

There are several ways to reduce the puffiness around the eyes if there is no underlying disease or any eye conditions. It can be treated with simple home remedies as mentioned below.

  • Limit salt intake.
  • Wash your Face with ice cold water regularly after reading or straining your eyes as this will constrict the blood vessels of the eyes and restrict the extravasations of fluid in the orbital region.
  • Drink adequate amount of water to keep your body well hydrated.
  • Take adequate eight hours sleep and refrain from reading in dim light as it strains the eyes.
  • Cut two slices of cucumber and place them on your eyes. Cucumber is considered as a natural astringent which reduces the puffiness. You can also use potato slice instead of cucumber.
  • Dip tea bags in cold water and place them over your closed eyelids. The caffeine concentration in the brewed tea bags can pull the water retention from the thin skin surrounding the eye.  Besides tea contains antioxidants that can fight free radicals. It is a good treatment for red puffy eyes.

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