Blood Vessel In Eye Popped: Its Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

It is absolutely panicking for you when somebody observes tiny red patch on the white of your eye. Certainly the next thing that comes in your mind is to check your eyes in the mirror. It is natural to be anxious and worried when you find a red spot in your eye. With fear and anxiety you rush to an eye doctor.

After examining your eyes, he tells you there is no cause of worry as the red spot is due to a popped or broken blood vessel in the eye, for which he may describe a medical name “subconjunctival hemorrhage”.

He may also give you two news one good and another bad, the good news is that the condition is harmless and it will disappear without any treatment, and the bad one is it will take 1 to 2 weeks to disappear.

What Causes Popped Blood Vessel In Eye?

Actually the blood vessels of conjunctiva are very small and fragile. Conjunctiva is the thin membrane that protect and lubricates your eyes. It also shields the white of an eye. When these tiny blood vessels burst, blood leaks out and gets accumulated on the white area. You may not realize a popped blood vessel in the eye until you observe it in the mirror or someone tells you.

  • The condition is self limited and harmless. Although most of the time there is no obvious reason known to cause subconjunctival hemorrhage, certain actions can attribute for its occurrence. They include violent sneezing or coughing, straining and rubbing the eyes, crying, vomiting violently, or lifting heavy objects etc.
  • A person who is taking blood thinning medicines may be at a risk of these tiny hemorrhages in the eye off and on.
  • Popped blood vessel in the eye is also associated with high blood pressure. It is always necessary to check your blood pressure when you find bright red patch on the white of your eyes.
  • Besides this, eating certain foods in exceeding amount such as garlic, fish oil, cayenne pepper, ginger can increase the risk of popped eye blood vessels.
  • An injury to the eye such as after an eye surgery can cause red patch on the sclera (white of an eye).

Blood Vessel In Eye Popped Symptoms

Subconjunctival hemorrhage occurs when the fragile and tiny blood vessels break under the conjunctiva. Following symptoms may be observed;

  • A red blood patch appears on the white of an eye.
  • Usually the condition is unilateral, meaning the red patch is present only in one eye.
  • There is no pain or irritation with red bright patch on the sclera.
  • The person is able to see properly without any change in vision.
  • There is no discharge from the eyes.
  • Sometimes the blood patch on the sclera may increase in size and grow bigger.
  • Rarely some people may find a scratchy feeling in their eyes.

Treatment For Popped Blood Vessel In Eye

Subconjunctival hemorrhage does not require any specific treatment. The red spot of blood that appears on the white of an eye usually disappears of its own after 10 to 15 days. But it is necessary for you to get examined by a doctor when there is a bright red spot on the sclera.

The ophthalmologist (eye doctor) may examine your eyes and also perform certain tests to confirm his diagnosis. He will also check your blood pressure. After all the investigations and examination he may prescribe some eye drops that may soothe your eyes. Tell the doctor if you are taking blood thinning medicines.

To prevent the recurrence of popped blood vessels in eyes, eat vitamin C rich food such as oranges, grapefruit, lemon juice etc. Vitamin C is known to strengthen the walls of tiny blood vessels that break down easily.

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