Cochlear Infection Home Remedies: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

People with impaired hearing ability often opt for cochlear implant surgery to restore their ability to hear. It is a small piece of hearing aid that is located within the ear and emits electrical signals for proper hearing. The surgery may often lead to some side effects. One such side effect is infection of the cochlea.

Cochlear infection is among the most common side effects of this implantation and patients suffering from this may get severe bleeding from the site of incision. Sometimes, the infection can become very severe and may even require additional surgery for permanent healing.

Signs And Symptoms Of Cochlear Implant Infection

  • Bleeding from the site of incision is one of the most common symptoms of this condition. Some patients get excessive bleeding while there are others who may even fail to notice the bleeding initially.
  • Apart from this, people suffering from this condition feel a sharp pain in their ear.
  • Fluid deposition in the infected ear and drainage of fluid from the infected ear is also noticed in some patients.
  • Sometimes, the infected ear may get inflamed and may be accompanied with fever.
  • If the condition worsens, people may not also be able to hear properly with the infected ear even with the hearing aid implanted.

Cochlear Implant Infection Causes

Cochlear infection, which is also sometimes referred as cochlea infection affects the site of implantation and if left untreated, can lead to complete loss of hearing. It can even lead to the loss of balance in an individual.

In most cases, this type of infection is triggered by bacteria. However, this can be a viral infection too. Some people with cochlear implants can get the infection spread from other parts of the ear. Severe cold and flu also at times lead to this type of infections.

Injury to the site of implant can also trigger this type of infection.

People who suffer from vertigo syndromes too are prone to this condition.

Treatment And Home Remedies For Cochlear Infection

Consulting a doctor is necessary as soon as soon as the patient notices signs of this infection. If the condition is at early stages, the patient may require antibiotic treatment for healing it. If antibiotics cannot cure the condition, patients may have to undergo surgery for curing the cause.

  • In early stages of the infection, patients may try taking one bulb of garlic regularly as this acts a natural antibiotic and can heal different infections. Ideally, people who undergo cochlea operation need to consume garlic regularly to prevent chances of infection.
  • Likewise, Indian Gooseberry and basil leaves can be taken to cure viral infection without any medical intervention.
  • In case, there is inflammation and pain in the ear, patients can try taking feverfew tea and ginger, as these are known for anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Ensuring proper hygiene and avoiding pricking of the ear is also recommended to avoid cochlear infections.

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