Stomach Blockage Causes: Symptoms And Home Remedies To Clear It

Stomach blockage, which is also referred as intestinal blockage or bowel obstruction is a medical condition in which the large or the small intestine gets obstructed for some reason. The obstruction can be partial or complete depending on the cause.

The blockage causes obstruction in the normal movement of the fluid, gas or food from the intestines, leading to pain in the stomach area. The pain can either be continuous or it can trigger periodically. Patient may also experience difficulty in digesting food and can also suffer from irregular bowel movements.

Depending on the severity of the condition, you can get it treated with medicines or may even have to undergo surgical treatment.

Symptoms Of Stomach Blockage

Though there are several uncomfortable symptoms that people experience due to stomach blockage, severe abdominal pain and abdominal cramps are the most common symptoms of them all. Besides, the afflicted person may also experience severe bloating along with abdominal swelling.

Decreased appetite, nausea and vomiting are also some symptoms that mark the onset of stomach blockage in different people. Patients who have been diagnosed with this condition have also complained of severe constipation.

Though rare, people may also get bad breath as well as high fever as symptoms pointing towards a possible blockage in their stomach.

What Are The Causes Of Intestinal Blockage?

There can be several factors triggering stomach blockage. Many people may develop blockage due to the presence of scar tissues or adhesion in their intestinal area. Presence of tumors in the intestinal area can also lead to this condition. In both these cases, digestion of food and free movement of bowels get obstructed.

Some may also experience stomach blockage if the intestines somehow gets narrowed or twisted. Mechanical obstructions though are the most common cause of this condition patients may also get this due to the presence of Crohn’s disease or hernias.

Some people have also got stomach blockage due to cancer in their large intestine.

Home Remedies To Clear A Stomach Blockage

If the cause of the blockage is not severe, the disease can be treated with home remedies. Applying a pack of hot castor oil on the abdominal area regularly for a week or more can help in relieving this condition. Leave the pack for around thirty minutes and gently remove it to perform colonic massage.

People who are not underweight can opt for elemental liquid diet to treat the condition successfully at home. Many patients with stomach blockage have got positive results by opting for diluted juice, bone broths or protein shakes in their diet. Consuming calcium rich drinks or coconut water can be pretty helpful.

People who suffer from severe constipation can opt for diet rich in fiber. Consuming one fruit everyday can also reduce constipation and remove stomach blockage successfully. It is also recommended to refrain from alcohol consumption and follow a healthy lifestyle to speed up the treatment of stomach blockage.

If the blockage is caused due to presence of tumor or cancer in the intestines, consulting a doctor becomes necessary.

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