Symptoms Of Stomach Bleeding: Causes & Home Remedies To Stop It

Stomach bleeding is a condition which affects the digestive tract of people leading to intermittent or ceaseless bleeding. The affliction can be chronic or sudden. People with chronic bleeding might witness slight bleeding at intervals. Patients suffering from acute bleeding generally witness this all of a sudden and in extreme form.

Stomach bleeding can either be from the upper gastrointestinal tract or from the lower gastrointestinal tract. Irrespective of the cause or area of bleeding, it indicates a serious medical condition.

Stomach bleeding generally is not a disease in itself and is a symptom of some other ailment, which needs immediate medical attention.

A variety of factors can trigger this condition and in some cases, it can be as deadly as cancer.

Signs And Symptoms Of Stomach Bleeding

Signs and symptoms of stomach bleeding depend on the severity as well as site of occurrence. Generally, blood comes out with stool. In case, the blood is from lower colon or rectum, it can be of bright red color mix or coat of stool. Stomach bleeding can also cause tarry or black stool.

People, who get vomiting as a sign of this condition, may have bright red or coffee-ground appearance of their vomiting. However, in case of occult bleeding, patients may not find any color change of their stool.

Many people diagnosed with stomach bleeding have complained of abdominal pain, abdominal cramp, diarrhea, shortness of breath, fainting, dizziness and even weakness. In some rare cases, blood pressure fluctuates and patients may even experience difficulty in urinating.

If left untreated for some time, patients will lose weight and suffer from anemia.

What Are The Causes Of Stomach Bleeding?

Peptic ulcer is one of the most common causes of stomach bleeding. It causes soaring in the lining of duodenum, stomach or esophagus, which in turn causes bleeding.

Esophageal varices is another important cause of stomach bleeding and if left untreated can even lead to liver Cirrhosis.

Gastritis leading to inflammation of the stomach lining can also lead to bleeding from the organ. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease can also cause stomach bleeding. Though rare, some people may also get stomach bleeding due to benign tumors or even cancer as the cause of this bleeding.

Abnormal enlargement of the veins at the upper stomach or in esophagus’s end may also lead to this condition.

Home Remedies To Stop Bleeding In Stomach

Patients can get the condition treated by home remedies. Home remedies can be effective only if the condition is treated at the onset.

  • Drinking cold milk two to three times a day can help in the treatment of bleeding caused due to ulcers.
  • Eating 5 gms of powdered hog wood every day can also help in treating the condition.
  • Mix 30 gm of pure castor oil with 250 ml lukewarm milk and drink it every day to heal stomach bleeding.
  • Foods that trigger bleeding should be avoided. It is also recommended to stay away from excessively oily and spicy food. Instead including boiled food in your diet can be helpful.
  • Also avoid alcohol consumption and smoking as these can deteriorate the condition significantly.

In case of severe affliction, medical intervention may be needed. In general, doctors perform Endoscopy to diagnose the cause of stomach bleeding before starting with the treatment.

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