What Causes Stinky Burps: Home Remedies For Foul Smelling Burps

We all burp (belch) sometime or the other, but most of the time it is odorless. Many people consider burping as a social stigma, but at times it is unavoidable. However, burps are not always odorless, they may be stinky and smelly, and in such situation it can be a cause of embarrassment.

Actually, burping is a natural process of expelling accumulated stomach gas. Usually it results when large amount of gas is swallowed at a time. It can also arise from the gas produced in digestive tract. This gas travels upwards to the esophagus and expelled out through the mouth.

Many times belching produces typical smell of rotten egg or that of sulfur. It can be associated symptom of a disease condition or simply occur as a result of indigestion. So let us know the reasons why it occurs and what you can do to cure burps.

What Causes Foul Smelling Burps?

  • The most important reason for burps that produce foul odor is probably due to undigested food in stomach. When this food starts to ferment, it can cause foul smelly burps.
  • Stinky smell of rotten eggs or that of sulfur, which comes after a burp, is due to a gas formed in digestive tract. It is called hydrogen sulfide gas. The gas is produced when you eat sulfur containing food. When the food is metabolized in the stomach and intestine, hydrogen sulfide is produced. The whole chain of breaking food protein is done by bacteria residing in the digestive tract. They can be harmful bacteria or normal intestine bacteria.
  • Sulfur containing foods are: asparagus, garlic, onions, parsley, sweet potatoes, Swiss chard, beans, peas, soy products, corn, sunflower seeds, oats, red meat, eggs, poultry etc. ¬†Avoid them when you have bad burps.
  • Excess of bile which has a sulfuric taste when present in digestive tract can lead to foul odor belching.
    This happens when you eat large meal at a time. In order to digest large meal, liver releases large amount of bile in the intestine. And this may lead to foul stinky smell when you belch.
  • Pathogenic bacteria associated with stinky burps are H. Pylori, and Giardia lamblia. H. pylori organism is responsible for stomach ulcers and giardia produces intestinal troubles such as abdominal pain, diarrhea etc. Stinky burps may be an indication of these bacteria in your digestive tract.
  • Certain medication which contains sulfur can also produce foul smelling belches.

Natural Remedies For Stinky Burps

Stinky burps in most cases are temporary and harmless, except for being an embarrassing condition. However, it should not be neglected as foul burps also result from disease causing organisms.

  • Eliminate food that contains sulfur from your diet. This is the easiest way to become free from foul and stinky burps.
  • Eat foods that contain high amount of fiber as it cleanses the digestive tract as well as the bowels.
  • Drink one glass of warm water with a teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of lime juice mixed in it.
  • If the digestive process is slow which results in fermentation, drink two glasses of warm water early in the morning. You can also consume a teaspoon of vinegar mixed in a glass of water once in a week for enhancing digestion of food.
  • While eating, eat small amount of food. This will allow your stomach to digest the food more efficiently. Also there will be less secretion of bile.
  • Alcohol and other soft drinks and colas that are known to trigger smelly burps should be avoided.
  • Avoid eating processed and canned foods.
  • Drink plenty of water, it is a natural way to eliminate toxins and body waste.
  • Herbal teas are also known to alleviate smelly burps.


  1. Seni

    I have this problem of smelly burps and have also been stooling frequently. I also want to know if I can also take fiber rich foods. Please suggest some home remedies for the same.

  2. Denna

    My husband has had chemo and radiation for low grade lymphoma, which ended last Sept. Recently he has been having these awful burps which smell like it should be coming from the other end. They told him it was acid reflux. My mother also had acid reflux but her burps did not smell like this. What can be the cause and can you suggest some effective remedy?

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