Irregular Bowel Movements: Causes, Symptoms And Home Remedies

Irregular bowel movements, often referred as constipation indicates a condition in which the bowel movement is extremely infrequent and very difficult to pass. It is a common condition that affects people and may be found in about thirty percent of the world’s total population.

Though the condition is quite discomforting, if treated at the right time, it can be healed completely. However, the affliction does not cause any serious threat to life. Irregular bowel movements are a great problem in itself but it is seldom a disease in itself and is a symptom of some other disease.

Therefore, it is recommended to get the caused diagnosed at the very onset.

Irregular Bowel Movements Symptoms

Infrequent bowel movement is one of the most common symptoms of this condition. Some patients may also experience a huge strain while passing the bowel. Small and hard stools are also another significant symptom of irregular bowel movement. Many people get a feel of incomplete evacuation even after passing bowel.

Cramping in the abdominal wall or discomfort in the abdomen is also experienced by many people. Abdominal bloating as well as distension is also experienced. Hard stool obstructing the colon area may also lead to occasional diarrhea in patients.

In some patients it may even lead to colonic perforation. Other deviations include rectal prolapse, hemorrhoids and diverticular disease. In extreme cases people may also get too obsessed with the condition which may lead to psychological distress.

Causes Of Irregular Bowel Movements

Irregular bowel movements are most commonly found in people who have the habit of consuming low fiber diet. People who are on a strict diet may also sometime get affected by this condition. Lack of exercise and low fluid intake can also lead to irregular bowel movements.

Pregnant women also experience irregular bowel movements during different trimesters.

Sometimes irregular bowel movement is also caused by Hemorrhoids. People who suffer from weak bowel muscles or irritable bowel muscles may also get this condition.

Excess intake of iron or calcium can also trigger this problem. Certain medications also have the tendency of causing irregular bowel movements. Besides the above mentioned the condition may also be caused due to stress and anxiety.

Home Remedies For Irregular Bowel Movements

Irregular bowel movements can be effectively treated by following a proper diet plan and taking home remedies.

  • An orange everyday not just increases vitamin C content of your body, but can also ease bowel movement by increasing fiber.
  • Take few dates and soak it in milk. Squash the dates and make paste. Mix it with milk and consume it for seven days to heal the condition.
  • “Triphala churna”, which is a combination of three natural Ayurveidc herbs, if taken twice daily with honey can also help in the treatment of irregular bowel movements.
  • Take one-teaspoon of clarified butter and mix it with one glass milk and take before sleeping at night to get proper bowel in the morning.
  • Drinking cabbage juice two times a day can relieve you of this affliction.
  • Mix spinach juice with equal amount of water and take one glass two times a day for at least three days to get bowel movements regularized.
  • It is also necessary to take three to four liters of water every day to avoid this disease. Also abstain from alcoholic beverage and smoking to heal the condition effectively.
  • Regular yoga exercise like “Pavan muktasana”, “Ardha matsyendrasana”, “Balasana” or “Suptavajrasana” can also help in relieving irregular bowel movement.

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