Natural Ways To Induce Vomiting: Self Induced Vomiting Methods

On certain occasions it becomes necessary for you to throw up or vomit. One significant example is when you have ingested something toxic. In order to prevent the noxious substance from fully entering your system you may need to induce vomiting voluntarily.

There may be other reasons why one may want to induce vomiting; however, these reasons are usually not healthy by any means. Learning how to make yourself vomit can help you when you need respite from a bad meal, poisoning, and consuming too much alcohol.

Self Induced Vomiting Method

Open the mouth and ensure that the head is pointing downwards, to prevent choking.

Hair or clothing should be kept away from the mouth, and the person should vomit in to a bucket or toilet to get rid of the waste quickly.

Introduce your index and middle fingers in to the mouth. Place the fingers on the tongue and move back in to the throat. Press downwards with the fingers when you touch the back of the throat. This should induce vomiting.

In case it does not, then tickle the back of the throat with the fingertips. You could also use a long plastic or wooden stick or the handle of your toothbrush to bring about vomiting.

Natural Ways To Induce Vomiting

  • Mustard: A very effective home remedy to induce vomiting is mustard. Mix powdered mustard and warm water, this helps induce vomiting. Pinch your nose or hold your breath whilst you drink the solution if you find it too hard to get it down. It will take about half an hour to act; so if within that period vomiting does not occur, the solution was ineffective.
  • Saline solution: Salt and water has proved to be effective time and again. It helps induce vomiting successfully. Mix 3 teaspoons of salt with 16 ounces of warm water; this is an excellent emetic.
    Drink the solution quickly; you should vomit in about 10 minutes.
  • Blood root: This herb has been found to be somewhat beneficial in eliciting the vomit reflex. On the other hand, you should bear in mind that it is a highly toxic substance, so consume it in very minute amounts mixed with water.
  • Omega 3: Some also recommend an omega 3 supplement. Open up an omega 3 capsule and drink the contents. This induces vomiting almost instantaneously.
  • Raw eggs: Drinking 3 raw eggs helps provoke a vomiting reflex successfully.
  • Castor oil is another effective home remedy to provoke vomiting. However, its response varies from people to people.
  • Ipecac: Many people have used ipecac syrup to elicit vomiting. Though this was considered rather safe years ago, it is now seen as a very poor idea. Ipecac is a poison, and also it efficacy is somewhat doubtful.
  • Spinning: Sit in a chair and start the spinning motion. Go faster and faster until you make yourself dizzy. Spinning makes you very giddy and brings about vomiting fairly quickly.

When you induce vomiting, one precaution that you must bear in mind is to avoid choking. Choking is known to occur quite frequently in those who are under stress. Seeking help from the local poison control center is most prudent. You also need to visit a hospital emergency room to ensure that you survive the poisoning.

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