Split Peas Nutritional Value: Health Benefits Of Dried Split Peas

Most of us have tasted split peas soup, however a little is known about the nutrition and important health benefits of these little peas. Since centuries, split peas have been a staple food for mankind. It has been a major source of protein and energy among vegetarians since olden days. They come in green and yellow variety. Split peas are harvested as a whole and then they are split and dried.

Split peas contain protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals. There is hardly any fat in split peas.

Split peas can be cooked with or without salt as per your choice.

If you want low sodium diet, you can add small amount of salt while cooking.

Nutritional Value Of Dried Split Peas

Given below is the nutrition value of one cup of split peas.

  • Calories: when you cook one cup of split peas, it contains an approximate of 230 calories. Almost 99 percent of calories come from carbohydrate and protein, the remaining 1 percent come from fats. There is no cholesterol in split peas.
  • Proteins: As with all legumes, split peas too are high in proteins. Almost 36 to 38 percent of split peas calorie nutrition contains protein. One cup of cooked split peas contains 17 gm of protein. Though, split peas has high value added protein, it does not contain all nine essential amino acids, or rather it contain only eight of them, Taurine one of the nine essential amino acid is missing in split peas.
  • Split peas contain most of the needed daily requirement of following essential amino acids: Lysine, Thrionine and Lucine. Almost 95 percent of these three amino acids required daily are available if you eat one cup of split peas.
  • Carbohydrates: from the total complex carbohydrate contained in split peas, 60 percent of it is soluble fiber.
    A cup of split peas contain 42 gm of carbohydrate. That makes more than half of the calorie content of split peas. Soluble fibers help in digestive process. It also helps to lower the absorption of cholesterol.
  • Vitamins: split peas are rich source of folate, vitamin B1 (thiamin), and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). Almost 6% of pantothenic acid is present in split peas. 12% of vitamin B1, 4% of riboflavin, vitamin K 100% of daily requirement is present in split peas. Daily intake is healthy for pregnant women and for the growing fetus, as folate is useful for fetal brain development.
  • Minerals: split peas are rich source of iron 11% of daily requirement, calcium 4% of daily requirement, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, copper and manganese. The iron available in split peas is not easily absorbed in the intestine, in order to make it easily absorbable, you can eat food that contain vitamin C, as C vitamin helps in iron absorption. The best way is to eat a fruit such as orange or lime after your lunch or dinner.

Health Benefits Of Green Split Peas

As by now you are aware of split peas nutrition, let us know some of the goodness of split peas:

Fibers in split peas: if you are worried of your cholesterol, split peas are the right diet choice meant for you. The soluble fibers present in split pea mixes with the cholesterol containing bile and pushes it out of the body without letting it absorbed. Low cholesterol level means less risk of atherosclerotic changes in your arteries and thus helps in reducing risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.

Folate in split peas is essentially useful during pregnancy for better developmental growth of the fetal brain.

Diabetes: due to soluble fiber present in split peas, the sugar absorption in the bloodstream slows down. If you have high blood sugar, you can eat one cup of split peas, or split peas soup to stabilize your sugar level together with the prescribed medicines.

Split peas for constipation: again the fiber content present in split peas helps smooth bowel movement and relieves your constipation.

The high quality protein present in split peas is useful for muscle and tissue growth and repair.

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